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  1. John-C

    Layer Mask Edge

    Many thanks. I hope it gets sorted, I would love to be able to ditch Photoshop. I am really enjoying Affinity Photo and trying to get to grips with Affinity Designer too. Right now I am working with CorelDRAW, I was a FreeHand user before that and never could stand Illustrator. Thank you to everyone for developing and porting these two great apps to Windows.
  2. John-C

    Layer Mask Edge

    Many thanks for replying. Attached are the 3 files numbered to match the JPEGs in my original post. 1 - Working File AFFINITY.afphoto 2 - Working File Photoshop AFFINITY export.psd 3 - Working File AFFINITY PHOTOSHOP reimport.afphoto
  3. I am enjoying Affinity a lot, but I have come across a strange issue with the edge of a layer mask. I was trying to make a spoof composite of friend into a photo (geeks will probably spot the source). I have attached screen grabs of the process so you can see the issue. (1) Working in Affinity Photo 1.5.1 I kept trying to refine the edge of the composite figure on the far left. I couldn't get it to blend nicely, I painted in the mask edges with soft brushes and blurred it using Gaussian Blur. Always looked ugly. (2) So I gave up, exported the Affinity file as a PSD file and when I opened it in Photoshop CS6 the mask edge was fine! I have not done anything to the exported PSD file other than open it. (3) I re-imported the Photoshop file back into Affinity and again the mask edge was fine! I closed the original Affinity file and reopened it to see if there was something going wrong with updating the screen but the issue was still there. There is something odd here and it has undermined my confidence in using Affinity as my main app since I use layer masks constantly and prolifically in my professional work. Does anyone know if this is a bug or is something else going on? Why would a round trip to a PSD file make this work?

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