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  1. In my case nor imperial units don't solve the problem. The only option is to use as first: Document / Resize document / switch off "Resample" checkbox / set DPI / Save (Resize) and then use Crop tool / resample mode / set the units / set the required dimensions.
  2. Hello, I've found out probably "buggy" behaviour of crop tool in Affinity Photo (ver. / win 10 Pro). In this video in time 4:33 is nicely explained how to crop and resample the image at the same time. I tried to mimic this procedure in latest version of Affinity photo and results doesn't correspond with video example, nor to expected behaviour of this tool, please find attached screen record. Is it really BUG or I do something wrong? Mikulas Affinity Photo 2022-04-10 21-13-42.mp4 Affinity Photo 2022-04-10 21-13-42.mp4
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