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  1. I second that. After 2 days of researching After Effects alternatives in a strong desire to use something different for my 2D vector animations, I ended up falling back to AE simply because there is no real alternative that's able to do even basic shape morphing (tweening) properly outside the Adobe ecosystem. Serif, please consider buying vpaint.org and transforming it into a real motion graphics product! (Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with VPaint whatsoever, but it consistently showed up in my research in the last couple of days as something I'd want to use; it's way too simplistic now as a product, but its shape interpolation technology is state-of-the-art research as of 2015 so it solves the single biggest challenge in vector animation software IMO). So forget about video effects and compositing – I'm talking simple, effective vector animation à la Tumult Hype, but with advanced shape morphing as in VPaint.