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  1. Hy, First I would like to say thanks for such a wonderful SW that you've made. Our artists were waiting for something like Affinity Photo for years. But we've got a major problem. We already own 30+ PS subscription and it was nearly sure that we will cancel them and use AP in production, but currently as I see it can't handle DDS file format, which is a major problem for us. We have a self developed engine, and to be able to modify the textures we need that feature. There's a PS plugin, that was made by an nvidia developer : https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop We use that in PS, tried to set the plugin directory in AP but it doesn't work. Is there any chance that the we will be able to use the plugin in the near future? Or to have native support for DDS file formats? Thanks for your answer!