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  1. Sorry for the delay, i found out this Problem always happen when use sharpen filters , High Pass ,Unsharp mask ,ect. The Location of the Picture doesn't matter.Happens always in RAW File.When i open the Export Manager my System goes into heavy load stutter and than goes back to normal.When i try to save the High Res JPG it Stutter , load and stucks up.Its frustrating ,because i lost work every time, when won't save a affinity file before.
  2. I got the latest Version Update von AP ,but almost all the time when i try to export my adjusted Images like Mobile Phone Images or RAW Files and save to Disk, Photo stuck in the Processing Bar ,Freeze and crashing to "Debug" or Send Report Dialog Box.Happens way too much the Last 2 Versions ,killing my work im glad i create frequent saves and also AP do autosaves. Sometimes the Export Dialog peaks on my System to 100% every time i do something here.You call this Lag,some Problems are getting solved when i deactivate the embed ICC Profile on mobile phone Images, but no clue why also happen on my DSLR Stuff.I had no issues with this 2 versions before. Maybe it helps what Live Filters i normally use: -Unsharp Mask -Highpass -Levels and others i can't recall now. System : Same as Last time
  3. Ok after a few Tries , AP no longer is stucking while edit RAW Canon Files.But Random Crashes und Bugs also happens ,like yesterday ,when i had rebuild my UI , i moved a Panel around , Crash. Very Random.I always fill out the Crash Info Panel when AP oder Designer after ,what happened.And yes i know the diffrence from a good working CPU and a Overloading System, this is what happened before ,like Music stuck playing ,Frames freezing saying ( NO response).Im not sure how this happend but currently its ok again.Maybe i clicked somewhere AP won't liked. I keep my Eyes peeled on this things. Well ,very weird currently AP is working , but i'm prepared for other crazy random Bugs. Btw AP is installed on Windows C Standard Path on a SSD
  4. Hello the new Version brings my Raw Edit Tab, to a hold,when i have opened up AP and import a RAW File my Windows 7 System it peaks up to 100% on almost everything i do ,even move the mouse is overloading my CPU.The Version before was flawless.No Idea what's wrong on 1.6, also the RAW exif Data from Canon EOS 700D not available anymore.I go back on older Version until this is fixed. My System is i7 2600k , 16 GB Memory , GTX 750TI
  5. Same for me , but it wasnt a big Thing , i rebuild it.
  6. I recommend to buy a used Wacom Model Intuos series.I own a Intuos 4 L since 2012 never want my old Graphire 4 M back,but overall wacom are the best.Fairly i have to say iam Digital Painter,Illustrator,Photographer and do everything creative on this.Its much more than a hobby.
  7. Ok i understand.but still think the HSL Adjustment is a good idea for the RAW Develop Persona.
  8. I really Love AP and AD both Programs are very easy to understand.AD gave me the intresst in Vector Design back,i was always on a war with Illustrator and never tried to work with, because it was too complicated for me. I have a Idea/suggestion for AP: HSL Sliders in RAW Develop Persona I have a Program called Photodirector 5 ,this Program have a splitted Menu for 3 things: Tone /Saturation / Brightness you can adjust colors just by this.I know AP have his own HSL Sliders,but a bit more defined,when just 2 oder 3 colores need some correction.And i like to do this stuff right on RAW File.Lightroom have a similar Function for this.I added a screenshot what i me.
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