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  1. I just now remedied the situation with the smudge brush acting as an eraser. I went through the four tabs, general, dynamics, textures and sub brushes and noticed that the only differences between my four smudge brushes is that the one is question had a sub brush adde to it....... By deleting this sub brush it set the smudge brush so that it doesn't eraser anymore. Everything is A-Okay.
  2. I am running a new IMAC- 2019 (lots of ram) - Catalina 10.15.2 and AP 1.7.3 I use the smudge brush for blending color on my original digital painting. I use four basic brushes for smudging . All with strength set to 50% and each of the four brushes are set to Flow= 30%, 45%, 60% & 80% ( for different blending strengths.) I just noticed today the three of the four brushes produce the desired blending effect, but the 45% flow brush now is acting as an eraser. See video. Thanks for your attention on this matter. Backgrd -3.mp4
  3. Thanks Chris B for your attention on this matter. My workflow does rely heavily on working with two views of the same image in the separated mode and being able to save iterations of the file, so nice to that the Dev. team will be notified.
  4. Hi , I running AP 1.7.3 on a new iMAC (lots of ram-32 GBs) When I open an existing file I can save as... this file no problem. When I open the same file and " create" a new view of the same file and then go to the separated mode option, when I attempt to save as.... AP crashes... your thoughts.
  5. I'm having the same issue with using separated mode, both the ContextToolbar and the Toolbar are not showing up. The solution for me is to choose "customize toolbar" and once that panel appears make sure that at the lower left hand corner of the panel Show = icon + text is selected otherwise selecting icon only doesn't work to reveal the toolbars.
  6. Here I demonstrate 4 principle elements that make up a successful digital portrait. These include: How 3D form is structured, Facial landmarks, Colour Luminosity Comments welcomed . Instagram> @clarkejohnsen
  7. Yes, as Aammppaa pointed out rotation = View>left or right and I mapped these to the Expresskeys of my "old" wacom tablet. To get the floating tool bars go under the window menu > Separated Mode. You will have to scale the image to fit your monitor size. If you want to work with two of the same image then open up a new view under View> new view. Now both images can be scaled/positioned as you want. Works like a charm. Here is the final digital painting. I broke my procedure down into a few categories (3D form, Color, Facial landmarks,& luminosity) and will make a new post for that. I didn't keep record of the time it took to paint it which was too long in my opinion , but now that I got AP working for me.. blending /painting brushes etc... things shouldn't take so long.
  8. Thanks Serif for your brilliant AP software version 1.7. Would it be possible to offer an Extra Large Font UI size option for the many of us who don't have the best of eyesight. MY experience on my 5K iMAC monitor is that the UI fonts with the two options of default and large font are still too small to read comfortably and I need to get very close to the monitor to read the menu text. Extra large Font UI would help greatly. Thanks Greg
  9. Here’s a look at my Affinity Photo setup, using two views of the same painting that I am working on gives me the flexibility of zooming in on one image to work the details while being able to see the immediate impact on the whole image. This approach really works well given I am using a 5K iMac monitor. Comments welcomed. joined_video_d523871d91bc4ffea3bd7f8bf2663e61.MP4
  10. Oh....I think there is a value for a time lapse......at least I enjoy watching them.... and yes, it's time for coffee, What brand are you drinking?
  11. Got word back from iShowU tech support and I just needed to disable “ colour correction” in the preferences to eliminate the problem of over saturation. It worked! Th color on the video generated through iShowU is even better than the image that I am painting. iShowU now works like a charm.
  12. Thanks OlaHaldor for your offering, I will check it out. I have noticed that iShowU software (just started using it) generates over saturated color movies through all the possible export settings , not what I want. I can make color corrections in iMovie.. but just extra work and time. Just ran OBS and it has an upper limit size of 2560 x1440 to capture the base canvas Monitor size... Regrettably, this doesn't work for a 5 K iMAC as the image is severely truncated. Got word back from iShowU tech support and I just needed to disable “ colour correction” in the preferences to eliminate the problem of over saturation. It worked! Th color on the video generated through iShowU is even better than the image that I am painting. iShowU now works like a charm.
  13. There could be a simple solution that would maintain the "share your work" forum framework. Presently, when you mouse over one of the title topics, after somewhat of long wait, a second floating window appears to reveal the top portion of the actual post. Depending on how the post is composed, the floating window shows some combination of text and/or image. All the webmaster has to do is write some code so that a thumbnail of first image in the post shows up adjacent to the title of the post on the "share your work" page. The thumbnail's position could replace the current dot or bullet point. On seeing thumbnails located on the "share your work" page , the viewer will then have a better idea of what the post is about and whether or not to open the post or move on the the next post.
  14. Yes, probably " all in good time is Serif's motto" After all ,they are working on beta versions of AP & AD and are working on launching "publisher" soon. A redesigned " gallery page" as you suggest, would bring extra traffic to their site and give more exposure to the software solutions.
  15. Thanks v_kyr for your info. Looks like my version of Camtasia is so old that it doesn’t have those kind of input capture settings. thanks for your recommendation about hustl. I have started using IShowU and am very happy with it’s robustness and functionality. Are programmers the only ones to use underscores in their name/alias ?
  16. Yes the gallery app looks like a fine solution! Whether Serif has the time /interest or resources to deal with this upgrade is the question.
  17. UPDATE. So I " recorded" a test painting with the method fo making snap shots of the process as it developed, then made a QT recording of the event by enabling the snap shots in sequence . It did produce a somewhat artificial looking time lapse effect but nothing near the time lapse effect that I am looking for. I have downloaded and played with iShowU software and this is just what I am looking for. Produces really great Time lapse QT or MP4 movies.
  18. Artstation looks like a fabulous place for artists and of course Instagram (which appears to take years to build any kind of following) Then there is CG society and Deviant Art ( which is poorly designed and needs a major overhaul. I will probably cancel my acct there.) As you suggest , in time Affinity forums could become more robust..
  19. I did hesitate initially about posting the request to overhaul the "share your work forum" as I would rather that Serif focus in on perfecting their software but having said that, it would be nice to "see" what people are doing....sketching or polished work in a thumbnail UI rather then "reading" titles in a text based UI. Thanks Garry P for the spotlight link... definitely a curated environment. Perhaps a thumbnail UI for Share you work forum would encourage more traffic and participation of the end users. Right now I wonder if it is really worth my time to post there?
  20. Affinity photo is such a great tool and I would like to see an image/ thumbnail based UI for the Share your work portion of this forum. Right now with the text based forum presentation, it doesn't really lend itself to browsing , in my option. A richly, decorative page with the current thumbnails of images created by the users would be very attractive and would invite more participation within the share your work forum. Your thoughts would be appreciated. see attachments.
  21. Thanks v_kyr for your suggestions. My experience to date has been running Camtasia 2 on my old Mac workstation.. and with no apparent time lapse feature.. needless to say drowning in oceans of GB's of unedited video is not a fun experience. I did find two Mac products that offer time lapse at a reasonable price point. ~ $24- $35 USD ishowU and Screenflicks , both offer a way of setting the frame rate down to very low numbers... 3FPS or even 1FPM (minute)... from the standard 30 FPS This could work for me. But giving the snapshot feature within AP more thought and the advantages, as I see it, are You control what stage of the image is saved as a snapshot. you control when a stage of the image is saved. Snapshot doesn't record the zooming nor the rotation functions so the image can be kept to perpendicular - which enhances the video presentation. (watching a tutorial that has a lot of zooming and rotation can be uncomfortable ) you can leave AP at anytime without the concern of remembering to turn off/pause the recording video there is no nagging feeling that a recording software in turned on and is recording your mistakes/pauses ( unless you want your mistakes to show) So how to deal with a large library/history of snapshots? Exporting each snapshot as a new file is one option but not practical if you have 200+ snapshots of your image. Since I can spend upwards of 40+hrs on painting an image and need an alternative from exporting each single snapshot. This solution came to me last night when I should have been sleeping. Say it takes me 40 hrs to complete an image and I have 200 snapshots stored in the snapshot panel as a result. So working backwards, first determine the length of the video you are shooting for...say 10 minutes. 10 minutes = 600 secs 600 secs /200 snapshots = 3 seconds per snapshot. I would simply run Quicktime -screen capture , determine the screen area I want to capture , ie., the whole image only /or with UI and with the snapshot panel off camera, I would click through the history of the snapshots starting from the very first one, pausing 3 seconds before selecting the second snapshot and so on until the entire library /history of snapshots have been enabled and recorded. Now there you have it, a video 10 minutes in length showing the complete development of the newly painted image. Obviously, this "formula" can be modified. Then I would take this raw video footage into a video editing software to add titles, slow down or speed up specific areas of the movie , add special effects etc. I think this method is clean and simple and prevents drowning in GB's of raw video footage. Your thoughts are appreciated .
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