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  1. konsortium12

    Opening more than 3 documents at once halts AP

    Just an update. Forgot that bug and dragged 5 JPGs into AP and it stalled again, but I waited a while and it opened the 5 documents after two minutes.
  2. konsortium12

    Opening more than 3 documents at once halts AP

    Sorry, meant the dot as a divider for the thousands or something like that. I can upload 1,9 GB according to the text below this field. Just an observation.
  3. konsortium12

    Opening more than 3 documents at once halts AP

    Ah, thanks. I will wait until the official release, as it is not a time sensitive matter. PS: I can upload up to 1.953 MB as an attachment?
  4. +1 as they write. I know, not the most important feature, but having to enable the LIBRARY after every restart (which I had to do due to the no more than 3 PNGs bug), is a bit cumbersome.
  5. Hi, I am creating a custom map using screenshots from Apple Maps and I want to use AP to stitch them together, but when selecting more than 5 PNGs at once, AP uses all available CPU (12" 2016 MacBook) and does not react anymore. Opening 4 PNGs works fine, then cropping and closing them works fine too. But then trying to open another 4 PNGs brings AP to a halt again and all CPU is occupied by AP. UPDATE: 4 seems to be the magic number, opening 2 PNGs in a row is a okay, 3 PNGs in a row is okay too. But once I arrive at 4 PNGs at once in that chain, clusterluck. Am I doing something wrong? I am running latest AP 1.6.6 on macOS 10.12.6 on a 2016 12" MacBook with 8GB RAM and a 1.2 GHz m5 CPU. The system was freshly installed the past week to squash another problem with FCP X.
  6. Hi, I am using AP to crop dozens of screenshots and wanted to automate that. I created several macros (due to different resolutions of the screenshots), but in no macro can I add the FILE > SAVE (or CMD+S) command. Even CMD+W after the cropping does not work, as when I click SAVE in the close dialog, AP says it will not save that stuff. The Macro Recorder says "Cannot record "Export document". Is that correct behaviour? If so, is it possible to add the SAVE command to macros in a future version of AP? Thanks and happy May the 1st.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I will try that. And it worked. Should have thought of that. As to the keyboard preferences not saving until the application closes voluntarily, is that a logged issue or should I make a separate thread about that?
  8. Thanks for the confirmation of me not being that crazy. And good to know, that it got fixed. I can wait for the MAS version. Have a good week.
  9. Well, it seems when I press CMD+C and then V to activate the move tool, it crashes. It might be a bug, since that is something I do a lot. Yep, it happens when I the Text tool is activate, the text layer is active, I press CMD+C, then press V and then AD just crumbles. Will see if it is the other way around too.
  10. Hi, in the last ten minutes AD crashed thrice while pressing CMD+C to copy a layer. It happens quite often and as I use AD extensively now (four to six hours a day for the last week), it is kinda tiresome, though pressing CMD+S every minute or so is a remnant of using Avid Media Composer. Nothing new. Anyway, to my specs: 12" MacBook 20016 macOS Sierra 12.3 AD 1.5.4 The AD file is 1.9 MB in size, probably has around 400 to 500 layers (mostly small items like a rectangle or text). RAM usage is around 448MB for AD, other open apps do not use much more RAM, the 8 GB RAM of my MacBook is 66% free.. Any more information you might need?
  11. Hi. Since I don't need the Left Studio for my current work, but like to hide the Right Studio using the TAB key every now an then, the Left Studio keeps appearing again and I have to disable it via my own keyboard shortcut. I could assign the Right Studio to another shortcut and use that, but the TAB key is quite easy. Is there a workaround? Addendum: And when I use the current method (TAB for hiding the Right Studio (the Left Studio is invisible) then TAB for unhiding it, and then pressing the keyboard shortcut for show/hide Left Studio) the content I am working on de-centers to the left, making me to grab it and move it to the right again. Can be a pain. PS: The keyboard shortcut preferences should be searchable. PPS: I did not recognise the topic's behaviour due to AD crashing quite often. And crashing made it obvious, that the keyboard preferences do not get saved, unless the application is quit voluntarily. And since AD crashes at least once an hour, I did not quit it voluntarily.
  12. Well, consider me flabbergasted, but please not pebcak or something similar. I should have found that myself, but I didn't of course. Now that I know, I want to thank you. And thus I do. Thank you very much for pointing out the obvious. ;) Another day, another day.
  13. Hi, I have been using Designer for a week now (bought it after the second day) and as I have nor "training" in Illustrator, learning it is easier than Photo, since PS has left its mark after two decades. Anyway, I am building a tutorial and recreate elements within Designer and have been lucky enough to not have rectangles without rounded corners yet. But now i have an element where I do not need corners even when using corners: none and such. See attached screenshot and maybe you can tell me, what i wrong with my way of doing it. Thanks in advance for any help, Gregor