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  1. Hi, I’ve been using Affinity Designer since the first beta. As soon as the program went on sale, I immediately bought it. I was hoping that I finally found a worthy alternative to Photoshop, I was happy as a puppy! However, several years have passed, and I can not fully use your program to create website layouts. Guess why? Yes that's right. Text. I can not send rasterized texts to developers. I thought that this was just a misunderstanding and support for texts would appear in the near future. Years passed, but this did not happen. Tell me what to do? Will there be text support so that we finally get the Affinity -> PSDtech -> HTML pipeline working? How long to wait for this? My strength is running out ...
  2. Hello. I watched affinity designer more than a year. As soon as the beta for windows I downloaded it immediately. Once the program came from the beta - I bought it immediately. Soft good, very good. So good that I almost immediately replaced by CorelDrow and Photoshop. I immediately tried to use Affinity Designer for Web Design. And experimental success! But two things I was very disappointed: 1. I made a design, and then what? Adobe brackets - works well, but the PSD files in affinity is not very good. Because text. The text is translated in a raster. Because of this, it is impossible to take css for text. Avocode - this is again psd. Again the same problem. Zeplin. I was not able to import the template file, because you need to download the plugin for Photoshop. And I do not want to use Photoshop. I now appeal to Affinity Designer developers. Look at this: https://zeplin.uservoice.com/forums/255350-got-any-suggestions/suggestions/8480671-support-for-affinity-designer Members Zeplin want it. Members Affinity disigner want the same. Perhaps you could work together for this !? I finished the layout for the site, but it was hard. Without a suitable tool for the layout of the site, work hard. Please pay attention to it. I'm not alone in his desire to https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/16975-zeplinio-integrationcooperation/ 2. Typografy. Affinity designer allows you to assign styles to text. As <h1>, <h2>, etc. or as a <p> <ul / li>. But the styles of text to work inconvenient. I would like to work with typography as well as going to work with symbols. If there was such a possibility - this would be ideal. Thank you for your work. You've done a terrific product. I hope that in time he will become only better. P. S. Sorry for the broken English. I hope it will also better with time))
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