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  1. if you reopen the develop persona you are not editing the RAW file anymore but the pixel layer #

    (non destructive develop layer is on the roadmap though)


    thus the R G B pixels have already been merged into single pixels and thus you can no longer adjust the white balance/ temperature in kelvin


    it now shows a percentage slider 


    this is one reason why shooting RAW is better than shooting JPG, if you shoot JPG you only have the option "like re entering the develop persona"



    RAW gives you more opportunities.

    jpeg contains enough information for WB changes.

    Adjustment layer works quite differently.

  2. Good afternoon.
    Since the trial version does not have bought the full version, which would try.
    I've been doing a lot of retouching and was very pleased to see that there is a real alternative to the SS.
    And now the question itself.
    I apologize for the English. I communicate through a translator.

    How do autoclean brush that would not reap it before each stroke?
    And how to do so in the affinity that would make a way in the video?
    Unable to find a suitable tool, I can not deal effectively with retouching and photo restoration.
    Very necessary to ask your help :(

  3. Only new features and improvements in 1.x updates are free, then a pause while we write some more awesome new features, then version 2.0 is for sale (optional purchase) and from then on 1.x only gets critical fixes and not new features.

    Moving from 1.xx to 2.0 is purchased at full price, or 2.0 will be available for those package updates 1.xx who bought at below 2.0?


    With 1.xx 3.0 to whether it will be renewed. Or upgrade will be available for previous versions 2.0 users only?


    Perhaps I getting ahead of myself. But we want to understand the policy of the company in terms of updates and support.

  4. Thanks, Patrick. It was already clear to me from previous discussions that refunds from the MAS are a major hassle.



    Please feel free to mention your "work around" as often as you like! :P



    I'm sure you do. I'm sorry if you thought I was suggesting otherwise.  :(



    That much is apparent! I guess I overlooked the fact that (when the Windows trials become available) users will be able to try out the apps for 10 days, purchase if they like what they see, and still be eligible for the 14-day MBG if they change their minds.

    Thank you!

    Then I ask one more question.

    Upgrading from version to version (eg, 1.5 to 2.0) are free? Or are free only 1.6 to 1.7?

  5. m850,


    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forum


    There are no free beta product keys any more. We had free beta before we started selling. Now Product Keys come with a purchase from the Affinity Store. The Customer beta is for customers to test before it becomes the updated release version.


    Your post did not belong in the beta announcement thread so I have moved it.

    Thanks for the answer!

    And when the planned appearance of the trial version? It is terrible to buy the program without testing it.

    I understand that in the module RAW developing process multiple photos in a row in camraRAW not? whether the appearance of such a function is planned. When you do a series of photographs, one to do is not very convenient.

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