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    RBCK reacted to TonyB in Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview   
    Affinity Publisher sneak peek! Just to prove we're not making the whole thing up, check out this early build of our DTP app. Still lots of perfecting to do; expect the beta next summer. Enjoy.
    Update: I think we have answered all the questions we can about Publisher before the beta starts. Hopefully the public beta will answer any remaining questions when it starts at the end of August.   
    This thread is now locked. 
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    RBCK reacted to MEB in Just one single, big request. That's all.   
    Hi pentool,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    Thanks for your feedback. As you said there's no way to offer everything other software has been implementing during the last decades in just one year. But, the published roadmaps refers to just part of what's coming, and that part will be made available as free updates. The development will not stop there. Next major versions will be paid upgrades and naturally will have new features and continue to improve on what's already there, otherwise we couldn't support the development costs...

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