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  1. Ok, thank you for the answers. I will miss that feature. With it it was very easy to position text in text frames surrounded by lines/frames and in multi column pages with embedded pictures etc.
  2. In PagePlus I frequently used the 'Column Blinds' for fine-tuning brochures. Is there a similar feature in Affinity Publisher somewhere? Can't find it in the Beta.
  3. On my Windows 7 system, when I click on 'Help' > 'Affinity Publisher Help' in the top menu, I always get several js script errors. This is not new. I get the same in Affinity Photo. If I remember correctly, ever since the first release and up to the latest one. However, afterwards the help system works. Screenshots attached. Note the triple slash at the beginning of the url.
  4. I've been using PagePlus since version 3 and still use PagePlux X6 (didn't update to newer versions because it does all I need) and have accumulated a lot of PagePlus X6 documents. Of course I wonder why a new product comes with import filters for foreign file formats, but without Serif's own format for backward compability. Just tried to import a pdf document created with PagePlus X6 into the public beta running under Win 7. Works mainly ok, but currently images are replaced by image placeholders and 'replacing' the images adds them to the placeholder position, but doesn't use the correct width and height respectively keep the aspect ratio. Any chance that xml files (PagePlus ppp files renamed to zip and then extracted to xml) can be imported?