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  1. I figured it out... feel a bit dumb now, but here it is, if anyone experiences similar issues: When I created my picture by pasting from clipboard, the new image is generated as a group, containing the pixel layer I wanted to work on. I had to expand the group and select the pixel layer (after selecting the pixel layer, the Flood Selection tool worked as intended), but selecting only the group without expanding did not let me make any selection, as descibed above. Strg+A or Control+A is the shortcut for "select all" (working with Windows 10, Affinity Photo I tried this to check if I can maybe deselect / subtract portions of the image, but that didn't work either.
  2. Hi everyone, ‚ÄčI'm new to Affinity Photo, just taking my first steps and trying to figure out to translate my Photoshop knowledge to the nice new software. Similar to JoeFine, I tried using the FloodSelection Tool for quick selection of areas with similar color (although in Affinity Photo). However simple the concept, it did not seem to select anything on clicking, nor deselect (when starting with selecting everything (Strg+A) and trying to deselect the corresponding colors)... Could you give me a hint how to make this work?
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