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  1. Hi Dave, This font (TTF) 'Old Borders and Lines' is available at MyFonts. I tried to attach it, but the uploader won't accept this kind of file.
  2. I did as recommended but without success. I even generated the font afresh. Nothing. When hovering over the font, the glyphs appear clearly, but clicking on the font name to activate it, both AD and AP will not accept it.
  3. I designed a frame filled with a wooden background in Affinity Designer. When I printed it out on my LaserJet printer, the lower part of this frame was cut off. Even when I exported this frame as a PDF, the lower part of this frame was cut off. See attachment. Rahmen.pdf
  4. Hi Chris, I could solve this issue by turning this afdesign frame into a PNG file. This export was correct. Nonetheless, I attach the afdesign file. Ralph Rahmen.afdesign
  5. Affinity Photo 1.3.4 from Mac App Store. I can scan an image, but the scan will not be saved either in the app or elsewhere on my iMac.
  6. dtpunger

    No scanning in Affinity Photo 1.3.4

    I work with an Epson Perfection scanner which produces usually good results. After having cleaned the user and system caches, the black-and-white and color in-app scans in Affinity Photo are okay. Yet the grayscale scans are still a bit disrupted. Though this is not perfect, I can live with that.
  7. dtpunger

    Bug in typesetting

    Latest version (1.1.2) does not type endash and emdash properly on a German keyboard. The endash does not appear entirely; when typing an emdash, a normal hyphen appears.
  8. dtpunger

    Bug in typesetting

    As I already posted, my version is 1.1.2 from the App Store. And this problem happens to be with every font.
  9. dtpunger

    Bug in typesetting

    Sorry, but this was my nth try. The issue seems to continue.