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  1. I don't know if this has been posted before. Please delete this thread if it has.

    Steps to reproduce this bug:
    1. Create an artboard.
    2. Set any artboard fill color (e.g. white).
    3. Throw in a few shapes with a contrasting color (e.g. black, so you will see what happen next).

    4. Skew the shapes.
    5. Apply "Invert Adjustment" on the artboard.
    6. Lock children.
    7. Resize the artboard and see the shapes dance like crazy.
    8. Shapes altered by the bug stay, undo may or may not resolve the problem.

  2. Hi there, I am a designer from Hong Kong. I have just purchased AD 1.5.4 for macOS and have trouble choosing Chinese fonts.


    I use both English and Chinese fonts. In most other softwares with text-input function, the Chinese fonts are usually grouped together and displayed in Chinese font names (so as fonts in other languages).


    The Chinese fonts do have their respective English names, but we (users in HK/Taiwan) seldom need to recognise them due to the above reason. Now in AD all Chinese fonts are mixed into the English fonts while displaying English names that are unfamiliar to us.


    Please see the following screenshots for the difference between AD and AI. Highlighted is the same Chinese font.




  3. My all application including Drawplus display font name in Chinese 


    But In AD it show them in english , it hard to distinguish them for me...


    here is two screen shot for your reference, thanks~

    I have just purchased AD for macOS. This problem is still not fixed in the latest version (1.5.4).

    I'm a designer from Hong Kong. I have trouble choosing the correct Chinese fonts. There are two problems: 1. the Chinese font names are displayed as English names (which most softwares with text-input won't do so we are not familiar with) and 2. the now indistingishable Chinese fonts are mixed with all the other English fonts. FYI Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop organise fonts according to their respective language.


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