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  1. Preview is able to account for using a scaled resolution. It would be nice if Affinity could as well since I am often working at 1680x1050 on my 15" rMBP. I'm hoping this is just a simple oversight and not a larger technical hurdle.
  2. It would be great if I could send colour corrected proofs with the Share command. As it stands, my CMYK projects come through looking quite garish when sent as a JPG in this way.
  3. I use RescueTime to track my hours. It does this by recording the name of the active window. Unfortunately wth the way Affinity apps modify the window title to show the zoom percentage, I'm left with hundreds of records for a single document. Please allow a preference, even hidden, to disable this feature and keep the window titles constant. Thank you!
  4. Designer's font menu feels really cluttered compared to other Cocoa apps. It seems like other apps (e.g. TextEdit) are able to only display fonts for the current language. I think this would make a nice addition to the suite. Failing that, it would be great to be able to select certain fonts to display like InDesign. On a slightly related note, why is Arial the default font?!
  5. I've been using Designer for page layouts and it would be really nice to be able to store snippets and such off canvas. Is there a reason this isn't possible? They could be semi-transparent like they are in Printworks.
  6. I'd love to have the team chime in on this. I was so excited to have a Mac focused professional design program and it's been disappointing to find how custom and un-Mac-like everything is. I'd like to see the suite be better citizens using standard conventions rather than emulating Adobe and reinventing the wheel.
  7. It seems to be behaving better after the last update. PNG-8 was the big one, but PNG-24 still has issues. The background is completely transparent.
  8. When I drag a swatch to reorder within a palette it often not end up at the position indicated but one spot beyond making organizing them tedious and frustrating.
  9. I figured I'd bump this rather than start a new thread. It's a small niggle but it seems that the solution was to use the application icon as the document icon, which is slightly confusing. I'd like to request proper OS X document icons for the files. The application icon should sit on a blank document with the extension below.
  10. It seems every time I try and export a document with a blank background (white, not transparent) to an image file the background does not render properly. It's either transparent or bright blue.
  11. My Affinity font menu is a mess. There must be a way to hide international/system fonts like TextEdit and other apps do. I realize I could login as root and delete the offending fonts, but I'd rather keep them around and have the app filter them out. Here's a comparison of TextEdit and Affinity Designer on the same computer:
  12. Is there anyway to use the share command to send an email as a PNG instead of a JPG? It's a nice easy way to send proofs to clients, but the JPG compression makes the text look terrible.
  13. I find this very frustrating. I am used to being able to duplicate a file by choosing Save As and giving it a new name, trusting that it will be in the same location as the original file. Affinity instead just defaults to the last used location, seemingly including exports. This means I have to manually find the folder that the document was opened from and it is very tedious. Ideally I would love for it to use the standard Cocoa document model with a Duplicate command, but I suppose you guys are aiming for eventual platform parity. It's unfortunate that that often lowers the UI to the lowest common denominator.
  14. Looks fine in Affinity but when I export to PDF this happens:
  15. I like to use Designer in full screen most of the time so it is often left that way when I quit. The issue is when I reopen the app the window is "maximized" rather than in the last window size or in full-screen mode. Safari for example will return to it's remembered window size when it relaunches. I would really like the Affinity apps to do the same.
  16. I really wish these apps would use the standard document model, or at least know the reason for not doing so.
  17. Scale to fit paper size doesn't seem to work.
  18. I'm disappointed that Affinity Designer does not use the native document model. One example, when quitting with unsaved changes there is no way to tell what document the model dialog box is referring to unless I know the name, it will just be a series of <untitled>. This makes it difficult to name the documents should I decide to save them.
  19. 1. Create a text box of either kind 2. Type a few words 3. Select those words 4. Right click, two finger click or control click selection Only one word ends up being selected. I should be able to operate on the entire selection.
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