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  1. It is obvious that this isn't the desired effect we want. Totally wrong computation of it.
  2. You still can't achieve any good results with the so called distortion filter. It's faulty and I don't think they fix it any time soon.
  3. I just downloaded the new version of AP and did a quick displacement. What a laugh...
  4. Hi @Alfred. I just went to their website and clicked on the button. Just use the coupon you see in my post. I won't buy FF. :-) I still have hope that the guys at serif do their homework and fix the wrong displacement filter.
  5. I just can say: LOL. There is a clear definition what a displacement filter should do with a given bitmap. Clear mathematical basic vector calculations have to be done. As evtonic3 clearly did show in his first post the computation of the displacement within AP is wrong and to say it just works differently then to other apps is of no help. Wrong is differently that is true... Two pixels which only differ in their x/y coordinates and given a displacement map where the displacement information for those two pixels are different can't result again in those two pixels which still have the same information and coordinates as before. That is no mathematical correct displacement. I watched some video tutorials and even there you see the bug.
  6. On the website you can buy the full version 7 in the basic edition for $37. As you see at the attachment I would pay $44.
  7. Directly from the website: https://www.filterforge.com/
  8. Today you can get the basic edition for $37.
  9. LOL Cedge. Same for me. Jumping between Affinity Photo and PhotoShop only caused by the displacement problem.
  10. I wrote Leigh an pm. It can't be that such a functionality hasn't been addressed.
  11. And what did the developers say? I think after more then two years there was enough time for an answer. It still doesn't work.
  12. I'am really confused about this. I still can't get a 'real' looking displacement effect like in Photoshop. (seen below in this video) It can't be that now over two years this bug isn't fixed!

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