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  1. kontrafuss

    Crash on brush import

    I have received reply from Frankentoon. It turns out there is a newer version 1.1 of the Nature pack that works fine. I assume this is the version that is also in the Affinity store. During installation there was a single crash after the third import operation (which was the stamps), but when I tried again, the import worked. Thanks for helping!
  2. kontrafuss

    Crash on brush import

    I purchased them on 5 Sep 2018 directly from Frankentoon and put them on my DropBox. Would you suggest I try downloading the files again?
  3. kontrafuss

    Crash on brush import

    It‘s the 2018 iPad 10“ with Pencil.
  4. kontrafuss

    Crash on brush import

    I was trying to import the Frankentoon Nature Brushes into iPad Designer. Me being a bit impatient, in the file browser I tapped to download both brush packs (Nature A and Nature B) in one go, ie they were downloading from Dropbox at the same time. When the import dialog closed, I ended up with only the Nature B pack available in the app. So I would go back to re-import Nature A, but this makes the app crash a few seconds after the dialog closes. All the other imports work fine, the Nature A pack works fine on the desktop. Is there anything I can do to clean up?
  5. Hi, I'm trying to apply the lens distortion correction (develop persona) on a few images taken with a GoPro camera in order to get straight edges. However, even a setting of –100% seems to be not enough for the wide angle lens, which the GoPro has. So I was wondering, isn't the ±100% an arbitrary limit? I would like to go below –100%, especially for vertical correction. And what does the percentage value express, anyway? cheers
  6. As you can see in the video, using the crop tool sometimes causes a change in appearance of the image. I have not yet worked out a minimal example, but the video demonstrates the issue. This report may be related to my previous post: I thought the PDF export issue reported there had disappeared with 1.6, but I am still seeing incorrect rasterization in PDF exports (print shop profile). Hope this is helpful. Let me know if I can supply further information. bug.mov
  7. I guess this is just a minor issue. In order to reproduce: Set up a document with one or several guides lines Rotate the view w/ two finger gesture Select View > Reset Rotation from the menu Result: Content is displayed at 0°, but guides remain at previous rotation Version 1.6.0 Mac
  8. Just downloaded the beta. Looks good indeed. Will keep testing … thanks, MEB!
  9. I am still having trouble with this issue. It is actually quite a serious problem when exporting for print shops. My current workaround is to manually rasterize all the objects with transparency, which can be quite tedious on some designs. I am attaching a minimal example here, in which I haven't used embedded documents. It has rather just a very simple gradient background, and white dots on top with a Gauss blur effect. The dots obviously get rasterized, which is okay, but they not render correctly in the exported pdf, as you can see in the screen shot. There should be no edges around the dots. The export options are: Format: PDF Raster unsupported features Downsampling below 450 dpi Resampling: Bilinear 300 dpi no JPEG compression PDF 1.7 Color space: document (= CMYK) Profile: document (= US Web coated v2) embed profile no extended features I hope this example is useful. cheers Hendrik Example.afdesign Example.pdf
  10. This is perfectly fine. My problem is that the rasterized image does not seem to match the exact colors in the background layers. I'm not sure I made myself entirely clear in the original post. The expected result is a PDF that shows the dinosaur in front of a smooth gradient background, without any visible sharp edges. The result I actually get in the exported PDFs is visible edges around the (possibly rasterized) image. I've just tried several PDF export presets. You're right, the problem doesn't occur with every preset. I can reproduce the problem with the PDF X4 preset. The web preset, for example, does not show any edges. (But of course, that's no good for printing.)
  11. I've actually given up on this issue, and I'm simply using a single artboard for the entire inside or outside page. Would be nice if one could make it work, though.
  12. Attached is a minimal example of the problem. The file contains a bitmap image with transparency (taken from Affinity Photo) on top of a simple background. The artwork looks fine in Designer, but in the exported PDF, the edges of the bitmap image are visible, as shown in this screen shot: The issue does not seem to be related to color spaces – I tried several combinations here, or did I get something wrong? Most of the time, I work with CMYK/8, US Web coated v2. In the example file, I played around with adjustments a bit (e.g. add white balance adjustment), after which the edges disappeared. I recently had a booklet with edges of that kind all over the place, so I ended up rastering all graphics before export. Which is not what I normally want to do. Sorry, the file's somewhat large, but it was the most minimal reproduction of the issue. AD transparency bug.afdesign
  13. +1 for this request. Having to manually put in the bleed each time I use pixel tools is extremely annoying and not the expected behaviour.
  14. The screencast tutorial Artboards: Exporting and Printing shows a three-fold leaflet, where each of the six pages has its individual artboard for convenient exporting. Normally, objects on an artboard are clipped to the boundaries of the artboard. But the leaflet has a set of objects that extend across the entire front side, ie three pages / artboards. I'm not sure what would be the best way to do this in Affinity Designer. I'm designing a similar leaflet, and I'm torn between using a single artboard for each side, or grouped artboards (which makes selecting objects somewhat tedious). Any ideas?

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