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  1. Thanks @dutchshader, that is getting there! I just don't know if this is asking too much from Affinity products. The attached file from another forum post did it, but I have no idea how that works....the Origami product is perfect, but that requires Illustrator as well as the Origami license ($100 plus Adobe which is $600/yr...or the main boxshot product which is $200) Honestly, the attached file does what I need, but I don't know how to re-create it with my own template, with regions in the main artboard spilling over mostly properly to other sides. I could completely do this with i
  2. Hi all! I am trying to create a box design based on a flat-pack die-cut template. The actual "print-readiness" of this is not critical, I just want to show my client what a sample box design would look like. Can this be done in any Affinity program? Start with a flat pack design like that attached layout.PNG. Have associated "front" "back" "left side" "right side" views show up, where if I create a colored bar that stretches across different regions in the flat-pack file, those bars/graphics are appropriately shown on the "real world" views. I don't need anything isome
  3. ....aAaaAaand now it's working. After several days, many reboots, now Designer opens it just fine. Super weird!
  4. I am a new user to Designer, but this is baffling me. I have a file that was originally created in Illustrator. The <first> time I tried to drag/drop the file into Designer, I got a warning that Iw as missing some fonts. I did not import, closed Designer down, and went and found some substitute fonts. Now, whenever I start up Designer and try and import or drag/drop those files back into Designer, designer completely hangs. Only way is to go into task manager and end the Designer process. I am fine with sharing the file to Serif support, but really that is the problem...this
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