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  1. Affinity Publisher Public Beta - installed well, but crashes trying opening files generated with a previous Beta.
  2. Hello, I did the following - I did a selection of a person - Then I started to refine the selection If I select as output "New layer and mask"; I have the mentioned problem. If I select as output "mask"; everything seems to be okay. In 20150831_06013_MaskOff.jpg one can see the problem on the edges. Screenshot-Affinity-photo.png, Brush on the mask layer, white color Of Course, my selection is not good, I just want to show the problem. Regards, Daniel
  3. Hello, As I tried to separate a person from the background, I unfortunately realized a strange problem. The separated person looks okay but if I switch off the mask the edges of the person look strange (Not like the original photo). Has someone an idea? The function is unfortunately unusable as it is. Upload of the Photo does not work (Upload Skipped (Error500)). Regads, Daniel
  4. dpapsd

    Changing brush size using modifier

    Hello, is there an overview of all affinity photo and affinity designer shortcuts? Changing the brush size via mouse is important. Regards, Daniel