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  1. Similar issue here, using v. on Windows 10. Add jpg lights to new Astro stack, and click Apply. Affinity flickers briefly then displays the checkerboard pattern in place of an image. Had success with this feature a few minor releases back, but this behaviour is now consistent. No progress bars appear; it just flips to the checkerboard. Recent Windows updates are my #1 suspect, but perhaps Serif or some power users can offer some insights? Thanks,
  2. Windows 10 + Affinity Photo I don't normally work with DNG files, but I am trying to view some images in that format that I've downloaded from a film lab to demo their product quality. What happens is that the AP tools normally visible on the left disappear, and in their place is an undocked window labelled "32-bit Preview" sporting Exposure and Gamma sliders along with a pair of Display Transform radio button options. The AP tools on the right appear normal, i.e., the Histogram, Scope, EXIF, and Focus tabs are available. Is this what I should expect to see? If so, that's fine, I did want to just view the images, not edit them; however, when I attempt to close the image it complains with this: At this point, I'm forced to use the Task Manager to end the AP process. Thinking I somehow 'broke' AP, I have downloaded and 'repaired' the existing version, but to no effect. I can of course convert the DNG before viewing the images, but I thought DNG was a supported file format. Clearly, I'm missing some key piece(s). Anyone have any advice? Thanks, Terry
  3. Just want to point out a typo error on this list. The Olympus X-2 fixed lens should be listed as the XZ-2.
  4. Nice work, Dave. Looking forward to your observations on the remaining modes. Only one small typo; a missing comma after "Screen" in the first bullet. Cheers, Terry
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