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  1. Many thanks, Old Bruce. That explains everything.
  2. Windows 10 + Affinity Photo I don't normally work with DNG files, but I am trying to view some images in that format that I've downloaded from a film lab to demo their product quality. What happens is that the AP tools normally visible on the left disappear, and in their place is an undocked window labelled "32-bit Preview" sporting Exposure and Gamma sliders along with a pair of Display Transform radio button options. The AP tools on the right appear normal, i.e., the Histogram, Scope, EXIF, and Focus tabs are available. Is this what I should expect to see? If so, that's fine, I did want to just view the images, not edit them; however, when I attempt to close the image it complains with this: At this point, I'm forced to use the Task Manager to end the AP process. Thinking I somehow 'broke' AP, I have downloaded and 'repaired' the existing version, but to no effect. I can of course convert the DNG before viewing the images, but I thought DNG was a supported file format. Clearly, I'm missing some key piece(s). Anyone have any advice? Thanks, Terry
  3. Just want to point out a typo error on this list. The Olympus X-2 fixed lens should be listed as the XZ-2.
  4. Nice work, Dave. Looking forward to your observations on the remaining modes. Only one small typo; a missing comma after "Screen" in the first bullet. Cheers, Terry

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