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  1. I quite agree, I'll keep my images where I control them. Lr CC is designed to facilitate sharing of images taken with mobile devices, target = the selfie market. Classic is aimed at serious photographers, who have been Adobe's main market for years. They are trying to expand their market not alienate huge numbers of customers. I don't know what effect the subscription model had on customer number, but I do know a lot of users would not use it if there was a viable alternative.
  2. I quite agree, but then there is no feature parity!
  3. If Lr CC has feature parity with Lr Classic they will be the same product! As long as I can do what I need who cares what the product is called.
  4. I don't believe Adobe are deprecating Classic CC, they have just added a new product, but created by confusion by messing with the names. Re the subscription model, I think it is very good value, my problem with it is that if for any reason they change the terms, eg double the price, you have to cough up or lose the product. On1's latest offering, currently in public beta, is getting very close as a developing option, but the browser is a long way short of Lr. As far as an alternative DAM being a reincarnation of Lr, that is fine with me, I like Lr. If On1 get the final ducks in place and have a real alternative to Lr in the same app as develop and effects, offering a seamless, non destructive workflow it will be a game changer. Affinity, Pixelmator etc will have to run to catch up.
  5. Like many photographers I would like to ditch Adobe products, I don't like the subscription model. We are spoilt for choice with Ps replacements, Pixelmator, On1, Affinity, Luminar etc. Unfortunately none of them have a DAM that comes anywhere near offering the functionality of Lr. On1 have tried, but to my mind it still has a long way to go. I've tried Capture one but didn't like it. There are two browsers that are promising, XnViewMP and NeoFinder, but neither have proper access to .afphoto files as Serif have not released technical details of the file format not provided a Spotlight plugin so metadata in not available. If they do not intend to release a DAM in the near future they should make it possible for third parties to access metadata so users can have an efficient workflow which does not involve Lr.
  6. Thanks, I thought there must be a way.
  7. Hi eveyone I can create and edit gradients, but am unable to go back and redit. Reselecting the gradient tool doesn't show exiting nodes and clicking on the layer clear the exiting gradient and creates a new one. Am I missing something?