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  1. Hi Chris, Thank you for your answer. I attached two screenshot to show what happens, if I move the GUI from one screen to the other. Everythings allright on the Laptopscreen. As soon as I move the GUI from the Laptopscreen to my second monitor all Panels disappear. When I move the GUI back to the Laptopscreen all Panels appear and will still work. Kind regards Peter
  2. Tools, toolbars, and studio items are not displayed when the window is moved to a second monitor. Two 4k monitors are used. These are the Data from my Videocards: 1. On board: Intel HD Graphics 530 (3840x2160, 60 Hz) 2. Second Videocard: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 956M (3840x2160, 30 Hz) 3. RAM/ Videocard 4169 MB
  3. Hi Sean, it's a late answer, but I was very busy the last weeks. Today I installed the updatet Version. But I couldn't recognize any difference in the behaviour of the program. If I move the UI from my first to the second monitor the UI turns black. If I moved it back I can use the program without any problems on my first monitor. Now I tried to leave the application open on the second monitor and restart it, but the application doesn't opens a second time. My only solution is to close the program and to start it again. But there is no change in the programs behaviour. Thanks for
  4. I use Affinity Photo on a Laptop. At home I connect a second Monitor. As soon as I move the User Interface from the laptop to the attached second Monitor all palettes disappear (see screenshot). The Laptop works with an onboard Intel grafic device (Intel HD Graphics 530) and a separate grafic device from NVIDIA (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M). The drivers for both grafic devices are updatet. At the preferences of the NVIDIA Card I determined, that the powerful NVIDIA Card should be used. Both Screens are 4k and the resolution is exact the same. I use Affinity Photo with Win 10.
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