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  1. Another supporter here. This is a big downside for me...
  2. Thanks for your reply, Tony. Switching off the live filter is certainly a workaround. To me it would seem a lot more intuitive, though, if eg the (healing) tool would sample from what I see, or if at least, if I had the option to make it behave like that... I'm curious, does this behavior apply to live filters layers in general? For example, when applying a perspective, then a lens distortion llayer, is the 2nd layer still operating on the original image and not on the result of the first llayer? This would mean that the order of ther llayers is not important, whereas, if the 2nd layer worked on the result of the 1st the ordering might matter?
  3. After appying a live perspective filter layer (Layer -> New Live Filter Layer -> Perspective Filter) there is a discrepancy between the position of the cursor in the image and the actual content from where in the image operations sample/ are applied to. For example after correcting perspective, using a new live filter layer, I tried several healing tools. Setting the reference point for the healing brush tool to a particular postion in the image, what I get when painting in is not sampled from this reference point, but from a neighboring point. The blemish removal tool works in an area outside of its cursor circle ...etc. I suspect those tool dont 'see' the live filter layer, but still operate on the uncorrected image. Using version AP v1.5.45