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  1. Only 3D software. Illustrator doesn't have a tool like this, + for Designer. :-) But if you use, say, the Tube Object in Cinema 4D, you can use "Slice" to make the same thing. And if you would ever convert that into polygons (in your case, to curves), it would not all of a sudden close the sliced curve in bad topology? Meaning, if you use the Pie tool and make it turn into just an outline of a 3rd circle, it would convert into an open curve, not a closed with half of it hidden in the exact same location?
  2. When you use the Pie Tool for outlines, then have only one line that you shorten to use a third or something like that... Then you want to convert it to a curve. The outline is then always doubled, causing some clean-up problems where you have to drag one of the lines out and break it, to delete the double. Would be great if it could be just the outline that you see.
  3. Anything new on this? Still missing offset path.
  4. Also did the mistake of thinking "Unlock" would unlock all objects. I do really enjoy the workflow of not having to use the layer panel at all... Speed is key! +1
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