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  1. Hi, hin und wieder einen Punkt oder ein Komma würden auch das Deutsch leichter lesbar machen. Um nur eine Ebene – etwa durch die Kurven – zu verändern, zieh die neue Anpassungsebene etwas nach rechts (!) und etwas nach unten auf die gewünschte Ebene, dann erscheint etwas nach rechts verrückt eine leere Zeile, in die sie eingesetzt werden kann, und vor der eigentlichen Zeichnungsebene erscheint ein Dreieck-Pfeil zum Aufrufen. Nur nach unten ziehen fügt sie zwischen die Ebenen ein. Der Knopf: alle bearbeiten, scheint bei mir nicht zu arbeiten, es werden alle Ebenen verändert, egal wo die Kurvenebene eingefügt wird; sofern ich nicht etwas falsch mache. @ MEB, the button: change all layers seems not to work. lars
  2. Hi, Lee. Here is the link, the file came direct from the tablet to the mac, it is not changed in: www.larshennings.de/hocker2.psd It is made in Artflow on tablet Note 10.1-2014. The PND is made there without any changing. The brown color (blue + orange) looks quite good, as before the bright blue is a little to direction cyan, but in this case not so much as in the skyblue before. Regards lars
  3. No, there is another problem. I try to synchronisate tablet and AP. 1. AP on my mac show another white (a very little warmer, may be few yellow) as my tablet. 2. especially bright sky blue on the tablet looks in AP blue-cyan/ green. Calibrate the tablet (note 10.1, Artflow with sRGB...2.1 too now) is as I know not possible (there is a little tool in the settings without real changing); the apps I know only change all the white/ gray and so the canvas. Is there a way to calibrate AP in the mac without hardware; doing it inside the mac I am not able... Regards lars
  4. You are right, R C-R, now there is an ICC included and AP says nothing. lars
  5. Hi, where I have to load: sRGB_v4_ICC_preference.icc that AP finds it? Thanks lars
  6. Hi, that´s right with the ICC. First we had the problem, that it was thought in AF-files were sRGB...2.1 included. But AP says no and set it. But the view on the mac and the prints show cyan and not sky blue. Now in AF is this ICC included, the colors don´t change. We will see if there is a mistake or not. The white on the screens differ as I see it, but a meter sees it both tablet or mac and as 5.700 K. The line in mac makes the good prints. So the question is, can on the tablet the now used sky blue made to cyan so that I see another sky blue as sky blue and the mac line too. I can´t find a tool to modify the tablet screen. Best lars
  7. The question is, if a tablet can be calibrated with a software. I found one: Colibri in playstore, it shows some differences with sRGB...2.1 but I don´t understand how to use it. Does someone here? Ja, da hast Du sicher recht, doch dass von einem Gerät aus der Druck nicht möglich ist, weil die Farben falsch kommen, ist ein wenig herbe, auch wenn ein Tablet sicher nicht extreme Möglichkeiten bieten muss. Nein, am Mac/ AP liegt es nicht, dessen Ergebnisse sind (einigermassen) ok. Gruss lars
  8. Thanks Lee. That is not the problem, AP is set to sRGB...2.1. Some of the pics made in tablet/ Artflow had no icc, AP includes it then. And to AP is to say the colors here and in the prints go much better together than with the tablet screen. And there is my problem: The screen/ canvas of the tablet is more white than in mac/ AP. The only way to help could be to change not the mac but the working space-white in AP (or on the tablet screen). I don´t see a way... To change the mac with the mac-tool – I can´t, allways the system calibration is better than mine. So the problem is with the tablet where I see a good sky-blue and in AP and the print it is cyan. The world continues to go arround if the pic must get the finish in AP. But here are the specialists. Best regards lars
  9. Hi, AP runs with preferences sRGB...2.1. Starting a PSD it says: no profil now included sRGB...2.1. Will it say this allways even there is a profil? Thanks lars
  10. I deleted the file at the link of my homepage ...icc.zip; for I forgot how I got it; have a look to the link at Alfreds post. lars
  11. Hi, here is a pic complet in rgb 18-220-255. On my mac it is more cyan as sky blue as it is on my tablet (galaxy 10.1/ 2014 with Artflow-beta). The values says me there is much green (220). And this way I see it here in AP (attachment). It would help to know what you "see". AP gave sRGB... 2.1 to it as I told it. The sRGB_v4_ICC_preference.icc is loaded on both colorsync/ profiles over the path: /System and /Library. AP finds it only at document as I reported before and makes the jpg with only the one color to black. And AP sees it as sRGB_v4_ICC_preference.icc BETA. What is wrong here? Why AP find it not in References? Thanks lars BUT NOW I SEE AT THE PLACE ALFRED LINKED THAT THE sRGB_V4... does not work on my system... may be not in AP; the test: http://www.color.org/version4html.xalter The icc is not aloud to upload here, you find it at: http://larshennings.de/sRGB_v4_ICC_preference.icc.zip
  12. Hi, thanks, Lee. The first way does not work, AP do not mirror it. I tried before. The intern way mirrors the icc - and colors the pic fully black... It is not so importend now. May be I come back later. regards lars
  13. That´s fine! But the first one has not so much magenta as I see. AP and Pixelmator can´t open the NEF, Gimp does: 120x160 px (29 MB). It is to see the same color problem as in the afphoto. But the problem is not longer one. I saved the report (to apple) after break of AP, if someone want it, please tell me. Best lars
  14. larsh


    Hi, tell a little more how you did it and give a link to the RAW file or JPG. Regards lars
  15. Hi, may be it is better to start with the RAW. I´m astonished that magenta is (for me!) only very few to reduce in AP. Regards lars
  16. Hi, please help to run short keys. It is given by Huion K1 as: Command Z; I read it as cmdZ, one step back. But this doesn´t work. The key is ok, in OpenOffice it works with: 1 and some more characters. Other keys work too as E for erase or B for tab and: delete to kill the whole painting. May be the others work too. Thanks lars
  17. That´s it: After restart the K1 works as Command Y to go one step back. I tried before...? The keys Z and Y are changed in the european keybord.
  18. Hi, Callum, thanks, I had some trouble with the driver of the tablet, but that seems to be ok now, or nearly ok, for the mouse (pen and mac) was gone untill a restart of the mac. I made a deal with the trader now. But by learning about short keys the K1 did not what it should. The code was: Command Z. That is in AP: one step back. Nothing happend. K2 and K3 worked, may be the rest too. Some as E makes the brush to a rubber, another makes the brush to a smaller brush and the last I found was to make the transparency of a line from 100% to 10%. Nice... Then the Huion people say, use it in Ms Word with: 1. In OpenOffice it works. K1 makes a 1, but no step back. So the mechanical keys works. But what is the code to get one step back? I found not the way für AP. And cmd Z is the only importend key I need, ever and ever. In the tablett there is an american keybord. Code only Z makes in OOffice Y. I looked to the short keys in AP but stay helpless... So I would be glad if one of K1-12 would bring the line I painted before back. Best lars
  19. Hi, may be it´s included now and I don´t find it. Two wishes for I only use few instruments for a painting. 1. One panel where one can set down the brushes for one project (as one can do it with the color palette). 2. For the active brush two sliders: one for the wide of the line, and another one for the transparency. Both on the top of the brushes panel. So one could prepare some brushes with the very complex tool before starting as the palette too. I saw this in Artflow and Infinite painter, very helpfull. Regards lars
  20. Hi, and the macro you can delete in View and there Studio > macro. Regards lars
  21. larsh

    AP Painting

    Hi, here some more points to this topic: I made one mistake, the two sliders should be reachable if one is looking to other panels too, not only the brushes. What I know now: It is possible to make a new brush panel (Kategorien in German) and name it: Picasso and me for instance; fine. Then it is possible to get two basic brushes round and squere (the last is a special showing pixel). One can copy them and make them to complex brushes... and become old by that. Two more brushes can loaded from outside, whereever that may be. It can made a brush point with a jpg and name the brush by that way, last one is a: must. And it is possible to get a full panel out of AP into my private panel (export + import). It is NOT possible to delete a single brush; that´s a problem. Otherwise it could be choosen a few of the very good brushes in this way. What I would like to do is getting six or seven SINGLE brushes from the table of them to each of my private panels, Picasso others than van Gogh (I don´t try to become a painter but to understand painting). And if it would become possible to include to this private brush panels a private panel of colors as a palette (you know: Picasso or...) and not so small as it is now it would be great. See. AP includes much too much elements. So if there could made a painter persona it would be a good idea. I only use AP for some photographs which are not to handle allone in Aperture, and my painting I do with a tablett or smartphone and only the finish in AP as to calibrate. So it is very helpfull to have only a small field to know for every part of my work. Best lars
  22. After the tablett runs for the moment please help to understand. Huion writes about 8 GB memory inside – is that true, or they mean one can put it inside with a card? In the tablett there is a driver, so there is a memory (or it is in the mac), which is loaded if one connect the cable to the usb first time; may be this driver is a mistake. And I had a problem even if loaded the driver from Huion homepage. The first one was not deleted before? What ever. Now it is the new one, I think, which runs ok. Is someone here who know if or where I can see which kind of drivers in the mac (osx 10.9) are loaded? Thanks for help lars
  23. EDIT: After a restart of the mac all is ok. Between mac- and pen-mouse one can change in one line... The drivers name is 1060plus_MAC_DriverV11.1.4 build 70218. Please find a way to fix the panels at their place while choosing. lars Hi, reading this thread I tried again my tablett. It´s another type, ok. But if AP makes the problem... I only used AP. My Huion and the driver is: 1060plus_MAC_DriverV11.1.4.zip which was downloaded from the Huion homepage. May be that is importent. If not installing before connecting the tablett itself installs one. I used the new one before, but may be I made a mistake, it seems the name of the folder is today another one as before. Today my tablet works. I did nothing on the settings. The keys at the pen: are 1. below, near tablet: keybord, the above: right key. One has to use the last one to leave the drawing and to choose a brush or the color. The problem what I saw before as a total crash of the mac could be another one. Putting the pen away the mac-mouse doesn´t work. And disconnect the USB then the mac-mouse runs again. And connect it then again the pen works. Or it must AP closed, I forget, to hard to speak English. Seems one can learn to use that device in one session, not changing. Hope you understand that and it can help to find out if AP can run better. I will hold my tablett now, what ever happens (a great problem is to choose the panels (attachment, histogram...) The very small keys dance if the pen-mouse comes near; my hand may trembel, to old (my first tablett I used at the beginning of 90th with Autocad and 3Dstudio writing the first book teaching architectural visualisation, my only edition what was sold out). Best regards lars
  24. EDIT: Lookes like I have it now, may be... The layer was not correct, or so... The "frozen" mouse, may be it sat in the corner left above... What ever. Some more brushes runs with the pressure... But if the pen mouse comes to the little text fields on the right to: adjustment, histogram etc. they are like magnetic and moved with it. Even pressing the pen key. Terrible! How to stop it? And is there a way to make this fields – I set some above and some below – fixed for ever, they allways moved arround, without the pen too. Regards lars Hi, I fighted again against the Huion 1060+. Took the newest driver and manual from their homepage, destroid the form of AP, lost the paintbrush in the left tools and the histogram on the right... Found the pressure to make wider lines in only one brush working... And then the pen-mouse was froozen again! After five minutes. As trying around the pen was hold on some parts of AP: the brushes, all the fields of the right side, color, adjustment, histogram etc. hold at this damned pen. Has it to do with what is called magnetic in AP? It was to end with one of the keys on the pen I saw then. Someone here who understand my mistakes? Or that from Huion or that from AP? Help was fine. Thanks lars
  25. Hi, there is a *.psd which cannot be loaded in AP and give me a problem: parsen unknown signature g (6). Another file of the making program runs. Is there a help? Thanks lars There are programms showing the painting but not the layers.