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  1. Thanks a lot @v_kyr for linking to the solution/workaround! No I got it solved. :-)
  2. Hello all, I used a font as a shadow fill and outline is 100% black. When setting "Align" in the "Stroke" menu to "Align stroke to outside" I get a thin white line between fill and outline. This line is also visible wjen exporting to PDF. Any setting to prevent this, or is it simplsy a bug? Thanks for any hints. Regards, Holger
  3. Hello all, I designed a logo and used the outer shadow effect, Radius is set to 0 px. (see picture below) My expectation was, when exporting this to a PDF x4, that this shadow still is a vector element. When zooming in the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, I can see that the effect was rasterized. In the PDF export preferenced, "Rasterize: Unsupported elements" is activated. Switching this option to "Rasterize: Nothing" will result in a PDF file without any shadow. Is there any way to keep effects as vector elements like in Adobe Illustrator? Thanks for your hints! I'm using Designer 1.6.1 on Mac OS X Regards, Holger
  4. I have exactly the same problem... My System: Mac Book Pro 13" Mid 2012 DisplyLink v. 3.1 MacOS X Yosemite 10.10.5 Affinity Designer v. 1.6.1 Monitor: 2x HP Z24i connected via DisplayLink USB-Docker Problem could be solved by changing Preferences -> Performance -> Display from "OpenGL" to "OpenGL (Basic)" (I can't select Metal, probably due to limitations of Intel HD Graphics 4000)
  5. Hi Patrick, well, seems like Serif did some Magic: Just startet both programs again on my 10.8.5. Mac - and now the welcome screen updated immediatelly and showed the download link! Thanks, it worked now :-)
  6. Hi Penthief, I'm running 10.8.5 and having similar issues. When reading through this posts here, it seems that older OS X versions as 10.7 or 10.8 having this kind of issues. I have also Firefox installed besides Safari 6.2.8. I already updated the apps, deleted and re-installed them, made sure, the firewall is deactivated - but the start-up screens are not updating. I think we have to wait until Affinity solved that problem...
  7. Also here: - Mac OS X 10.8.5, Affinity Photo 1.6.6 and Designer 1.6.0: no Firewall active, languages changed as suggested: I can only see the "old" Welcome Screen with just one page and no links :-( - When logged-in in the Affinity Store, I can see my two Windows licenses with download links for the software itself, but not for the free content. Only if I would order an additional license, I am offered the free content for downloading... Thanks for working on a solution, MacHolgi
  8. Hi C, thanks :-) Actually Windows is 32-Bit - and yes, I know that Photo needs a 64 Bit Windows. But the error in this case would be "64-bit Windows not found" As I get the error "64-bit CPU not found" I first wanted to check, if the CPU is not compatible. I can switch the Windows version, but not the CPU. Regards, MacHolgi
  9. Hello Affinity, just tried to install Affinity Photo on a PC with an AMD Opteron 180 CPU. This CPU is a 64 Bit CPU, nevertheless I can't install Affinity Photo because "no 64 Bit CPU was detected" Is there a known limitation with AMD processors? In the Q&A I could not find a hint... Thanks for your answer Regards, Holger