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    Resize - By Percent

    I tried the value in the image below also used /2 and *0.5. The options in affinity photo help, Sizing expression examples. The w*.5 did the job Thanks!
  2. mathz

    Resize - By Percent

    I tried to use expressions for field input in a batch job resizing images by 50%. Tried sizing expressions examples but it doesn't seem to work. Where do I go wrong?
  3. Ok thanks. Can live with that! Regards Mat
  4. I have changed the master pages of a document, adding a bleed and changes margin, guides and page size. After applying the changes the page numbers are in a strange position, from page two onward, due to the fact that those pages kept the old page size 216mm instead of the new 210mm width, and 156 instead of 148 mm in height. Removed the spread to see if it was the bleed that did it. But see the attached document, no result. It looks like that when you change the page size in the master you have to do it manually in the document? Regards Mat bug test .afpub
  5. I keep having the same problems in Designer, Photo and Publisher beta. I cannot print to my iPF 5100 from either of these programs without the message "Print job cancelled from print manager". Printing from other applications to the same printer works fine. What to do?
  6. Hi Sean, Any idea if this print problem can be solved? It prevents me from using all 3 affinities to the full. And since using publisher more and more I am missing the printer a lot! regards Mat
  7. I open Designer in win10 in account 1 and switch to account 2 on the same computer without closing Designer. After returning to account 1 Designer is "locked" and won't reopen. After closing it down the hard way (task manager) I can reopen it, but with a notification of "recovered" files (fortunately)
  8. Hi Chris, I'm a bit confused to, I can't repeat the problem. So we'll have to wait until it occurs again. I am however pretty sure that I had minimized it when switching accounts and after returning could not maximize it and had to close down the app via the task manager. So when it occurs again I will return. In the mean time keep up the good work, very good software!
  9. mathz

    Position the grid

    This would be of great help. I am now drawing field guides for animations with different aspect ratios `by hand` and position them manually. Would be great if it could be a real grid. Would even be greater if I could choose for that aspect ratio (16:9, 3:2, 4:3 etc) from the grid types list.
  10. When correcting or adjusting colours, for instance when you made a shot with a colour checker, it would be very helpful to separate a skin tone colour or any other colour in the passport or photo and line up that skin tone with the axis on the vector scope. Might even be helpful when not editing RAW.