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  1. hi Sean, maybe it's too big to upload on dropbox. 7.4G download here and hit me when it's done for deleting it. even it looks so big but it works fine on illustrator on same computer. I guess it won't be a problem on designer. Thanks for your high efficient working on it.
  2. Maybe this information is very helpful. The blank of font selection above is this font below. Simsun-PUA https://goo.gl/e8Qtpc download here if you need it to test. https://goo.gl/7OF1do The interesting thing is in Adobe illustration we can't find the same font on it. I guess Adobe met same problem and ignore it to avoid crashing. I removed font Simsun-PUA and font selected again. Unfortunately Designer still badly crash and freeze and I can't check the following fonts. Hope you guys can fix these problems asap. These problems make us can't work with Designer and Photo.
  3. vertical text arrangement is a very important way for Asian languages
  4. 1. the latest version font selection still badly crash and freeze in here. Same problem for both designer and photo. 2. vertical arrangement text is a very important way for Asian languages 3. There're at least 25 millions people using Traditional Chinese as the only official language. So it's kind to offer Traditional Chinese locale. It's very easy to transform Simple Chinese into Traditional Chinese. If there's any difficulty to you, I can transform for you for free. Just send me the Simple Chinese locales. Your kindness is much appreciated.
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