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  1. I just downloaded one of the examples from the Welcome Menu (city.afdesign) and I noticed that the document was locked (note: I am not talking about Layers). Since the document is Locked, I cannot Export it at all (example: .pdf, .png, etc...). How do I Lock and Unlock my creations so others cannot export them to different formats?
  2. How about this "Feature Request" for Serif: Affinity Web. A web design program like Adobe Muse. The ability to design websites without coding. There are a few of them out there but none compare to Muse. They are all too dependent on templates that you modify. Sure, Affinity Web could have some online templates to choose from but they would not be necessary; you could build from scratch. Responsive design or a built-in 3 size option (just line Muse-browser, tablet, phone). You could even make Affinity Web able to open Muse-built sites and convert them to "A-Web". Wow! There are also those many 3rd party widgets. One more app to use what those developers have made and options for people who don't want Adobe's subscription model. Sounds like a win-win situation for those widget developers. Heck, there could be instructions on where to find the Adobe widgets on your PC or Mac and where to drag them to the appropriate folder in "Affinity Web." Reopen Web; open a site; check the widgets tab, and voila, 3rd party widgets for your use in Affinity Web! Serif make my dreams come true and let me leave Adobe in the dust! Oh, and how about a licensing scheme that allow you to purchase your software for Mac and have the same key for your Windows machine... for us who have and use both OSs. Keep developing and improving Serif!! You're awesome! PS. Affinity Web would be on my Christmas wish list.
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