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  1. Ahhhh I have seen the light...lol, thanks for response, didnt get the primary linking for each project... -e
  2. A good example of what isnt working: affin.co/nibs_source.tiff which is on page 200 of the book. page returns a 404 error (see attached) Question: Is this resource suppose to live at this address? Of is it expected to be extracted from the coreSkills session? -> Follow-up i checked the core skills and this project has no associated project references with it..(they dont live with the core skills session). What am I not seeing here? Wouldnt just a drop box or some FTP with ALL resources stored in the archive be way easier then having to goto each, theres like almost one a page.. Just a thought..8), put em all with the core skiils in another folder... BTW love the suite so far!! Thanks for any insight into this 8) -e
  3. Hey Rab, I ran into the same issue with this, the "actual" url is: affin.co/coreskills Drop it into a browser and the .zip file will start the download, book is very vague on this, would be great if resources were put in one place on the support site with direct linking, but thats just me.. -e

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