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  1. Please add the option (available in Publisher) Text > Show Special Characters to Affinity Photo (and Designer as well).
  2. Just installed My rig is still Win7 - Quad dual core i7 2.7GHz - 24GB RAM - Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 - still takes 35+ seconds to open a Fuji RAF file - still does not recognise DR200 DR400 settings - still locks the pc up when doing simple operations such as bump the exposure - generating a fine histogram locks up the pc for 30+ seconds - still completely useless in my workflow Apparently Fuji shooters are a low priority customer group - Frank
  3. Found an explanation, but no real solution to this issue. Fuji RAF files with a Dynamic Range setting other than DR100 are underexposed to protect the highlights (DR200 = -1 stop, DR400 = -2 stops). Affinity does not take this setting into consideration when demosaicing the raw file. I can bump the Exposure slider +2 on a DR400 file, the histogram then looks ok, BUT there is no more headroom for further compensation. Check the histogram of the attached screen shots. Any hope that this will be corrected in a future version? - Frank
  4. Just installed the new version No change in behaviour regarding X-T1 raw files - maybe a little slower to load (40 secs measured).
  5. Thanks for your replies. @Sean - Uploaded 2 RAF files (plus SOC JPGs for reference). Both have the histogram-to-the-far-left issue. A couple of sample images from your link (fujifilm_x_t1_01.raf, fujifilm_x_t1_17.raf) both looks more "normal". The histogram is still somewhat more to the left, compared to ACR. All RAF files I have tried takes 30+ seconds to load - totally unacceptable. @Cris - tone curve IS applied, if not it looks even worse, flat and no contrast at all. - Frank
  6. I'm exclusively shooting Fuji X-T1. My config: Win 7 - Quad dual core i7 2.7GHz - 24GB RAM - Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Bought Affinity f. Win yesterday. After 3 hours of frustration I consider this program completely useless, at least in my workflow. Issues encountered so far: Opening a Fuji raw (.RAF) file takes 30 seconds. The histogram is compressed at the far left, rendering the image way too dark (example attached). Can not resolve this using the develop sliders. More often than not the program becomes unresponsive for 5-10 seconds after touching a slider. No solutions found in the help manual. - Frank
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