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  1. justin.g.thomas

    [ADe] Effect Menu

    I have swapped to Affinity from AI because of the one time flat fee, and I love it. It was so easy to pick up to learn, but I still feel there are some features missing. One thing I would like to see added ASAP is an effects dropdown (in the menu with file, edit, AND WHERE THERE SHOULD BE OBJECTS, etc.) Relating to effects, I would also like to see an Appearance panel added.
  2. Hey Serif Labs, I need an object dropdown menu. You know the bar at the top with file, edit, etc. ad nauseam, can we please get an object menu there? Some features I would like to see in it are: Live paint (add this as a tool as well);sketch and line art; path; shape; pattern; BLEND (Seriously, add this ASAP); perspectives;... basically everything AI has. I know there are work arounds and alternate methods to all of these features, but an object menu is simply missing from the work flow.

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