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  1. OK, thanks I will see how it goes
  2. I did as you suggested and created a PDF but it comes up with exactly the same panel so I am not sure what settings in Designer I am bypassing?
  3. When printing in Designer I find that even if I use the exact same settings for margins when printing, I can print a number of pages that are the same but if I come back to it at another time the margins will not be the same. This is extremely frustrating as I am trying to print booklets that must align. At first I thought it was my printer a Fuji Docuprint laser but it is the same for my new Brother laser printer. I am never sure where the image is going to come out on the paper!
  4. I am also having problems with printer margins changing in Affinity Designer. Each time I use it the printer margins change even though I am using exactly the same settings so I cannot get anything to match up trying to do double sided printing is a joke. It has also caused the program to crash a couple of times with my Fuji Laser printer!
  5. In the overlays panel the opacity is set at 100% and it does look somewhat transparent more like 50% and that is how the effect shows. If I want the effect to be 100% I have to brush over the overlay until I achieve it. This is more noticeable when darkening as it can look blotchy if I have not managed to cover the area evenly.
  6. When using the overlay brush in develop i have to repeatedly go over the area to achieve 100% opacity. I have tried setting brush attributes that work for other brushes but this does not work on the overlay brush, plus I have tried using a tablet & pen and a mouse. Where can I change the attributes for this brush?