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  1. -indigo-

    [Multi] Python API

    How about Fortran or Haskell :P
  2. -indigo-

    [Multi] Python API

    I guess this is one reason why it is a bit tricky, everybody wants a different language to be supported. To add scripting support in JavaScript is probably very tricky since you would need a JavaScript interpreter included in the software. (if you take a existing engine it would be a lot a of work to adjust) If you mean Javascript code that runs outside in a Browser I am not sure how to implement access to programs/libraries that run outside of the browser sandbox. Or support for standalone JavaScript like Node.js etc. which in my opinion would also be questionable since it is not so much used for desktop apps. Don't get me wrong I am all for it, a (JavaScript) scripting option would be really amazing and maybe I am mistaken about the effort to implement it. But I guess its easier to make functionality available in an C++ library . And then there could be wrappers for python and other languages.
  3. -indigo-

    [Multi] Python API

    I know its probably not first on your list but I second that. An API to use and automate Photo/Designer Features by a external program or script would by awesome.
  4. I general i like the new Touch Bar support in Photo and Designer but it is a bit annoying that you have to first press a button, let go, need to find the position of the slider and then change the value of an option by dragging. The way it is solved for volume is a lot more intuitive and faster. You press and directly can drag (no matter where the slider will be). But in general thanks for this amazing software ! Edit: Additionally show the value also in the buttons, like in some Apple apps

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