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  1. Thanks again for your help. I did figure that out, still getting used to some of the features in iPadOS, let alone Affinity Photo. I'm good now.
  2. I watched your video again and tried again to copy multiple files. Finally, I got the trick! It does work. Thanks for your help, and patience. Dave
  3. I cannot get a screen like yours (iPad Pro, iPadOS 13.3) when reviewing the images on my sd card. I never see that "cloud download" icon, for instance. See attached screenshot. I can select a number of images, but when I try to drag those to Affinity Photo, only the one that I can my finger on transfers. We're obviously doing something different with the sd card that's attached to our ipads.
  4. I've seen some posts about troubles with using the Pencil, mostly about pressure sensitivity and brush size. Any tips about using the brush?
  5. Is there any documentation on the differences in features between the Mac and iPad versions? I've looked over the documentation for the Mac version (which ve2cjw created in PDF form), but there's no mention of the iPad version that I can see. I know that extensions/plugins aren't supported, but I'm sure that there are features (or parts of the interface) that differ between the two versions. As I'm starting to use both the Mac and iPad versions, it'd be nice to know....
  6. It's also unclear to me what steps are involved, at least when selecting multiple files from my SD card. If I select the SD card in Files, I can use Select, click on a number of images, but then what do I do? I cannot drag them directly to Photo, as the drag only moves the one file out of all the ones I selected, i.e., the multiple selection goes away. I can copy the multiple selections to the Affinity Photo folder on the iPad using Files, but they don't automatically show up in Photo -- I have to drag them one-by-one to Photo, still not a good solution. So what are you doing differently?
  7. Well, Lightroom does support exporting RAW files for editing, just look at what it does with Photoshop.Of course, when PShop is done, you have to save the resulting file as a PSD or TIFF -- that doesn't bother me. What I want to be able to do is send a RAW file from the Lightroom catalog to an external RAW editor. Other programs can handle this; take a look at PhotoNinja or DxO Optics Pro, for example. I did have one solution (albeit it's a bit awkward when returning/adding the processed file to Lightroom; I'm working on that) and that's to use John Beardsworth's "OpenDirectly" plugin
  8. I've just been working with Affinity Photo 1.5 in earnest and watched a number of the video tutorials. It's a great program! But I haven't spotted anything about capture sharpening for RAW images. I do use that feature quite a bit as an initial step in processing RAW files with other programs, like Lightroom and Photoshop. Is there an option like that in Affinity Photo and I've just missed it? Do you offer some way of applying capture sharpening? All I've seen in the program and videos so far is creative sharpening and output sharpening. Thanks, Dave
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