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  1. Consistency between the Photo and Develop personas shouldn't be hard to achieve, and is to be expected I would have thought. But even better would be to make it consistent with how the Crop Tool OVERLAY retains your setting between documents, and also across sessions of Affinity Photo.
  2. Your suggestion only works for the current document in Develop Persona, once processed and exported, and then a new document opened in Develop Persona and the Crop tool is selected I find it has again reverted to Mode: Unconstrained.
  3. Instead of the Crop Tool MODE setting defaulting to "Unconstrained" for every document, could it retain the setting last used? This is how the Crop Tool OVERLAY setting works. 99% of the time I have to select MODE: "Original Ratio" and it just means unnecessary clicks to select it for each document.
  4. Hi Alan, yes, your problem sounds just like the problem I was having. Since installing Affinity Photo ver (Windows) back in Feb 2020, my problem was finally fixed. I've since updated to ver and everything is still working ok.
  5. After updating to Affinity Photo (Windows 10) Ver and trying the original K3_0317.DNG RAW image, it now displays correctly in both Develop and Photo personas. Here is a screenshot in Photo Persona, and compared the original I posted 25 Dec 2019 you can see the improvement. From my perspective AP now appears to be functioning correctly.
  6. Hi Peter2017, yes, I agree with you, it's a problem impacting quite a lot of users. How hard can this be for the developers to fix?
  7. Hi Chris, thanks again for your input and follow-up on this problem. Let's hope they resolve the problem soon.
  8. Hi Chris, Here is the original RAW image that was the first I posted for this problem. As you can see both in RAW and PHOTO personas it is now much better (A01... and A02... images) than when I first posted the images on 25 Dec 2019. Then I tried your suggestion and renamed the folder to 1.1, opened the same RAW file and it seemed just the same, no change apparent in RAW or PHOTO personas (B01... and B02... images). At least since the start of 2020 images have been opening up without being excessively dark. I did uninstall/reinstall Affinity Photo Ver on 26 Dec 2019, and uninstall/reinstalled Spyder4Express on 31 Dec 2019. It now seems to be usable and stable, but remains a mystery as to why the extra dark images started happening. Thanks for your suggestion.
  9. I cannot revert to previous Spyder calibration (I haven't been saving previous calibrations).
  10. I've done it again to make sure I had the Profile Panel checked and using Adobe RGB , same result a before, the histogram is skewed much more to the left than yours, and image quite different.
  11. I was using Profile sRGBIEC61966-2.1(Linear). Changing to Adobe RGB (1998) made no differenc.
  12. The problems were happening before monitor recalibration. It just happened to be the time of the month I usually recalibrate, and I've not noticed any change due to the timing of recalibrating.
  13. Hi PedroOfOz, thanks for your reply. I've opened the RAW file in Develop Persona and applied your settings, Exposure 4.7, Black -.10% etc. The image looks quite unnatural with these settings, and the Histogram is much more left oriented than in your image. My monitor was recalibrated only a couple of days ago using Spyder device and software. I notice that diethardw is having 'too dark' issues with a Canon on Windows 10. My suspicion is that Affinity Photo is doing something, perhaps based on PC hardware specifics, Windows 10, and becoming corrupted. Interesting that when I uninstalled and reinstalled Affinity the problem went from extremely dark to just dark, clearly something is going wrong somewhere.
  14. After wasting too many hours on this problem I removed Affinity Photo using Ashampoo Uninstaller (files and Registry entries removed) then reinstalled Ver hoping this would solve the problem. There has been some improvement, after opening the RAW file it is now not as dark as it used to be, but is still dark, and now has an additional problem, in that it appears flat, grey, washed out. See first two screen captures showing Develop Persona (as it was this morning - very dark, and it is now after reinstallation - dark and greyish, lacking detail). The next two screen captures show the image in Photo Persona (as it was this morning, and now after reinstallation). The RAW file is also uploaded (K3_0102.DNG) My initial Affinity Photo installation was in Dec 2016, and has had updates applied as they became available. This is the first time I've had to totally uninstall it and reinstall. K3__0102.DNG
  15. Hi Walt, I haven't changed any Affinity settings recently, and have been developing to RGB/32 (HDR) for all of 2019 without these issues. My monitor doesn't support HDR. DxDiag shows... "Monitor Name: HP Pavilion 23cw IPS LED Backlit Monitor Monitor Model: HP 23cw Monitor Id: HWP3187 Native Mode: 1920 x 1080(p) (60.000Hz) Output Type: HDMI Monitor Capabilities: HDR Not Supported" 32-bit Preview Panel (see attached screen capture). I notice that the INFO tab in bottom right hand corner shows the Document Colour Format & ICC Profile is RGBA/32 (HDR) - sRGB IEC61922-1 Is there some way I can force Affinity Photo to open my RAW files in 16-bit? I've tried clicking Develop in Develop Persona to switch to Photo Persona, then used Document/Convert Format-ICC Profile and it shows current format is RGB/32 (HDR) so I choose RGB/16 and click Convert and the image is then not as dark, but still much darker than it should be (see attached screen capture). A successfully edited and saved as jpg image of this same RAW file was created on 03 Dec 2019 (see attached screen capture). However now, any time I open a RAW file it is defaulting to RGB/32 (HDR) again. I'd be happy to make it only use 16-bit if possible. Thanks for your assistance.
  16. Running Windows 10 64-bit and Affinity Photo ver Until a couple of days ago I could open RAW files (from Pentax K3 camera) and develop without problems, now, both new and previously processed RAW files now appear as very dark and underexposed, The attached files show a dark image that previously was fine when processed, along with Preferences and Assistant settings that I haven't changed in months, and a screen shot of the RAW file as shown in Picasa. As far as I know there have been no changes to my Windows system etc., it just seems that Affinity Photo is no longer opening the RAW files properly. I've no idea why Affinity has suddenly stopped working as it used to.
  17. Version Windows Using LEVELS Adjustment, RGB selected, then choose channel RED, and as soon as the Black, or White slider is moved the histogram for RED changes back to the Master histogram. Same for Green and Blue channels. Can no longer adjust individual changes. See attached screen captures.
  18. I suggest that Edit/Preferences (or elsewhere if more appropriate) should allow the user to choose the default to be used. First suggestion is for Raw Persona, CROP, on the Context Toolbar, MODE: allow one of the drop down values to be the default (would save having to always choose it from the list. e.g. Original Ratio becomes the default. Also, on the Context Toolbar, OVERLAY, allow to set the default, e.g. Golden Spiral Second suggestion, Photo Persona, on File/Export dialogue, allow one of the Presets to be selected as the default rather than have to choose it every time. Small changes, but when you have to mouse/click select to do these things for every photo it wastes time.
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