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  1. powerj

    Distorted SVG

    @Chris_K did you have an feedback on that image? - I notice its breaking the text up with <tspan> thnx
  2. powerj

    Distorted SVG

    I've uploaded the file just now (its called logo) and the setting I used were simply SVG for Web (I did try a few different settings but it made no difference). thanks J.
  3. powerj

    Distorted SVG

    Its showing as distorted in Chrome on Windows and IOS devices (it actually looks fine on my Mac). The image is a logo of text and the text is showing as distorted (some of the letters crammed together, although on an IOS device the distortion is more gaps between the letters that shouldn't be there) - if I output the file as a png its fine. And the file was created in Affinity Design.
  4. powerj

    Distorted SVG

    I'm wondering if this is a bug. When I export an SVG it's distorted - Adobe forums say to change the decimal places to 3 but I'm unsure how to do this in Affinity.