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  1. brucefrandsen

    how to create a stroke

    Thank you Aammppaa, that helps.
  2. brucefrandsen

    how to create a stroke

    Thank you gdenby. By way of clarification, this is what I'm trying to do. I might use the marquee or the lasso tool in photoshop to make a selection. This can be any shape. Once the selection is made, I go to the "Stroke" option shown in the attached file and click on it. I window of stroke options appears and I set them the way I want them and it creates a stroke for the selection. It is very simple. The fill option works the same way. I use this option frequently and unless I can find a way to do it in Affinity, I will not be able to use Affinity. thank you
  3. brucefrandsen

    how to create a stroke

    Thank you John Rosten. I appreciate the time you took to respond. You say I "can give it a stroke." My question is how? What do I click on? What option do I use to actually, "give it a stroke?" In photoshop I open the "Edit" dropdown and click on "Stroke." Also though, the blue rectangle tool creates shapes. I often want to stroke custom selections--not rectangles or circles. thanks again
  4. I finally give up. How do you stroke something? I drew a rectangle with the marquee tool and want to stroke that line. I do it all the time in Photoshop, but I cannot find a way to do it in Affinity. I also can't find any instructions or tutorials online. There seems to be help for what to do with the stroke after you have it, but I need to create it in the first place. I have the same question for filling the selection. thank you
  5. I'm a new user. I have seen people talk about using the pencil tool, but I can't find that tool. Where is it? What does it look like? I'm on version 1.5.2 thanks