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  1. I have trouble with import of PSB files created by my own custom software. The files all open fine in Photoshop (CS4, CC2017) but some not in Affinity. I tested a lot of things but can't verify what Affinity complains about, since the error message is not helpful. So I have come up with a super small image so you can check this easily. The test file is less then 500 bytes in size. There are no custom data chunks in the file. The same file as 16-bits per channel opens fine and also when resaved in Photoshop (also attached). File: PSBtest_8bit_BUG.psb PSB, 1x1 px, 8bit, 1 layer "Diffuse", uncompressed (RAW) Fails in: Beta and (did not test further versions) Please have a look and let me know if you need more example files or technical details. It might be helpful for other developers like me if Affinity reported the exact file location in such error messages. Best Regards, Daniel PSBtest_8bit_resavedbyPhotoshopOK.psb PSBtest_16bit_resavedbyPhotoshopOK.psb PSBtest_16bitOK.psb PSBtest_8bit_BUG.psb
  2. Is this fixed in the Customer Beta I see there were some PSD related fixes (mainly for another reported bug I think) but I personally can't test without a license. If someone that has a license wants to help, just try to open the small file attached to the first post and see if it opens without error in Daniel
  3. Affinity Photo still complains about unkwon ressource blocks it doesn't know and simply stops loading. If a future Photoshop version adds a new tag - the same will happen. This behaviour throws the whole forward and backward compatibility (that is so great about the PSD format) out of the window. As far as I know the PSD format was intentionaly deisgned to not have versions, but features. There is no reason to halt import because of an unknown ressource block. Detailed bug report here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30366-psd-parsing-bug-import-halts-on-unknown-image-ressource-blocks/ BTW, thanks for quickly fixing the other bug I reported (32-bit PSD layer mask). Daniel
  4. When opening 32-bit PSD or PSB files the pixel layer masks of 32-bit layers are not imported properly. It is just the mask that is not imported correctly, the RGB channels are correct. Attached is a very simple PSD file saved form Photoshop CC 2017 (A red pixel layer with a circular shaped pixel mask). The attached screenshot shows how the file should look like on the left (Photoshop) and how it is imported by Affinity on the right. This is likely a general PSD/PSB compatibility issue, not Photoshop version or image specific as I also reproduced this using a different PSD exporter. Affinity Photo (Beta) was used. Let me know if a fix is available and I'm happy to verify if this is working correctly. Daniel affinity_32bit_mask.psd
  5. Affinity Photo (Beta) should ignore unknown image ressource blocks inside PSD (and PSB) files. Currently it stops the export and shows an error message (unknown signature: psdM [1]). Photoshop simply ignores such blocks (and discards them, so they are not saved by Photoshop). This mechanism ensures older Photoshop versions can read the files of newer versions. In my case this block contains custom meta data embedded in an image ressource block (3D Data camera position from Autodesk 3ds max). This data is for example used by an After Effects plugin. PSD file is attached and a screenshot of the error message. This PSD file will import fine in all Adobe applications. I'm happy to test this again as soon as this is fixed. Let me know if you need any further details. Daniel Untitled.psd
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