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    Gen 3 iPad Pro Support

    Thanks - will stand by. Not a critical issue for me. I just noticed it when I was searching for apps I own that would show off the new processor. So far I can’t find any that are faster. Was surprised to find this one thing so much slower. If you want me to run any tests I enjoy that kind of thing.
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    Gen 3 iPad Pro Support

    I'm running Affinity Photo on the gen 3 12.9" iPad Pro, the gen 2 12.9" iPad Pro and a gen 1 9.7" iPad Pro. I have found that the brand spanking new, A12 Bionic chip-enabled iPad Pro is significantly slower to open files than the two older iPads. I'm testing using the sample images, and it's around 9 seconds longer to open them. Is there something about the new device for which Affinity Photo isn't optimized?
  3. Sorry I missed this response - great explanation R C-R. Appreciate you taking the time to clarify things for me.
  4. Oh good grief! That fixed my problem but what a DUMB interface to have to do that! Why the heck doesn't "merge all windows" put us back whole? Thanks KipV for sharing the answer.
  5. According to the documentation, Document Setup is supposed to be in the File menu but I sure can't find it! Luckily looking to see if someone had already noted this, I found out Document Setup is in the context toolbar so I've got a way to find it. Thought you'd want to know.
  6. If you follow the link Walt helpfully sent over, the bug appears to be Affinity Publisher showing the Affinity Photo menus instead of it's own, which is why it looks like I'm in the wrong app (but I wasn't). Quitting and restarting as suggested in the other thread brought up the correct menus so I can now see Document Setup. Weird bug, isn't it?
  7. Thanks Walt - that fixed it! For others the solution is simply quitting the app and reopening to get it to load the menus correctly. There was a suggestion it had the Affinity Photo menus but it wasn't quite that, other menus looked correct.
  8. Well, I guess I'lll stop searching for it then!
  9. I'm a complete noob at Publisher (but fairly good at Photo and Designer). I'm a really good beta tester though, often finding the most hidden bugs. Anyway, while inserting Text Frames, the wrap style is always "none". Is there a way (yet) in Publisher Beta to change that default, say to "tight" for example?
  10. Hi - I like to round trip my RAW photos from Apple Photos using the extension to get to Affinity Photo. Lately (and I'm not sure when this started), sending to and back from Affinity Photo the photos are REALLY dark. If I increase the exposure on an image and then bring it into Affinity Photo, it gets darker and when I increase the exposure in Affinity Photo, it gets even darker when it gets back to Apple Photos. I figured the best way to show you was a simple video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d4dtot5tlax1c2b/RAW from Photos to Apple Photos dark.mov?dl=0 Hope this is one of those, "You dummy, you forgot to click blah blah blah" moments. 2016 15" Touch Bar MacBook Pro running High Sierra 13.3.3, Affinity Photo 1.6.6
  11. Huzzah! @James Ritson you solved it! Changing something from 16 to 32 sounds exactly like something I would do. 32 HAS to be better than 16, right? Why bother reading up on what it means, just push the button. Thank you so much! @MEB tagging you to make sure you know this one is solved.
  12. I sure wish I could pinpoint when it started happening, but no, I don't remember. The one thing I can say is that I always update system-level patches and applications to the newest versions as soon as I am aware of them. Mostly do this for security reasons.
  13. Thanks v_kyr, but that's not the problem. I used to be able to edit photos from inside Photos using the Affinity Photo extension, but recently they get darkened on the way out and again on the way in. I tested with an overexposed photo and the same thing happened (files embedded below).
  14. Here you go. It isn't just this file that's having the problem. This photo was taken last week with an Olympus E-M5 Mark II. I tested a photo from 2014 taken with an Olympus E-M10, and the same thing happened. Rather than a video, this time I took 4 PNG screenshots to show you the progression of what happens. They're labeled 01-04. I've attached that ORF and sidecar file as well. I have been using the edit in Affinity Photo for a long time and it worked great. I wish I could remember exactly when the behavior changed. AMS04231.ORF P7252019.ORF P7252019.XMP
  15. Thanks, James, but that change in the process didn't solve it. I opened a photo in Photos, hit Revert to Original to be sure I had no edits. Opened in Affinity Photo, increased the exposure, added a curve, saved, closed and went back to Photos and it's REALLY dark. I can make another video if you like but it behaved exactly as I showed in the first video. Other ideas?
  16. I've done some controlled experiments and had another person verify this is repeatable. Steps to produce the problem: Take photo with iPhone running iOS 11 (tested with iPhone 7 and iPhone X). Photo will be in HEIF/HEIC format Export image from Apple Photos on the Mac as an 8-bit TIFF Open 8-bit TIFF in Affinity Photo 1.5 or 1.6 (tested both) - image looks fine Export the same image form Apple Photos as a 16-bit TIFF Open 16-bit TIFF in Affinity Photo 1.5 or 1.6 and the right 10% of the image will be sort of a grey, metal-looking digital mess The same 16-bit TIFF looks fine in quick look and in Macphun's Aurora HDR 2018 Rather than clog up the system with giant files here's the 8 and 16-bit versions of the same photo in Dropbox so you can see for yourself: 8-bit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nityjdgibkfc9td/boogs 8-bit.tiff?dl=0 16-bit with mess on the right: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0t2kv4x2o7t0ft5/boogs16-bit.tiff?dl=0
  17. Same here - Can't open iPhone photos from iOS 11 using Affinity Photo extension. The other Affinity extensions like Haze Removal still work. Would really like to have this back!
  18. I created a Clarify tutorial telling people how to do this (and of course giving owenr credit for the assist. https://www.podfeet.com/blog/how-to-save-to-afphoto-format-after-opening-from-affinity-photo-extension-in-apple-photos/ thanks again, Allison
  19. On the Mac, I opened an image in Apple Photos, then used the extensions to open in Affinity Photo. I did a whole bunch of stuff making layers and adjustments and masks. I knew I could save back to Apple Photos as a flattened image, but after I was working on it I realized that I'd like to keep the .afphoto file. I couldn't figure out how to do that. Is it not possible (if approached in the order I describe) or did I miss a button? Save As was greyed out. I know that if I opened Affinity Photo first, and then pointed to my media library I could have done it, but curious if the workflow I describe could have worked. It's easier for me to find an image (64K photos) inside Apple Photos first than it is to start the other way around. And while I'm yapping about this, I recreated my workflow using the iPad and the end effect was WAY better than the one I did on the Mac!
  20. Ah so you mean I was supposed to read ALL of the instructions you wrote? D'oh! It worked perfectly. That's awesome, thanks owenr!
  21. Interesting - hadn't seen the snapshot button before, that's REALLY cool. However, it doesn't ask me where to save either (so I suspect it saved back to Apple Photos) and save as is still greyed out. Perhaps I did it wrong?
  22. nosillacast

    Clone tool not working for me on the iPad version

    Note to self, reread picardmyhero at all times. "hold your damn finger you idiot, not the apple pencil". I thought I was losing my mind! Also very interesting that the iPad "listens" differently to the pencil than the finger.
  23. Loving Affinity Photo 1.5! Couple of little bugs, one is rather annoying. I can have an image open, and go off to do something else (switch accounts, sleep Mac) and when I come back the image isn't visible, it's all black. Layers and such are all there but the image isn't visible. I can close the image and reopen and it comes back just fine. I've attached a screenshot that might better explain what I'm seeing. Wish I could be more specific on what causes this but it's happened several times.
  24. Running Affinity Photo 1.5.1 on macOS Sierra 10.12.3. I like to use the Apple Photos extension Edit in Affinity Photo Photo. Up until now my workflow was to edit in Affinity Photo, save, close, go back to Apple Photos and save again. Lately (and constantly) if I try to save in Affinity Photo I get an error (attatched) saying failed to save document. It is trying to save in ~/Library/Group Containers. After I select OK not he error, Affinity Photo hangs indefinitely until I force quit and I lose all my work. It's pretty consistent now so I sure hope you can solve this one. I'm especially concerned because the Affinity Photo tutorial that's poised to be released this week on ScreenCasts Online shows this exact process (back when it worked). Allison Sheridan NosillaCast Mac Podcast at http://podfeet.com
  25. I'm working on a tutorial for Affinity Photo, specifically highlighting the new tone mapping and HDR features. I noticed that the previews of the presets don't look anything like the end result. The attached image is for a preset I created myself, but the pre-built presets are also looking nothing like their end result. I feel like I would have noticed this immediately if it had always been this way but I just noticed it today after doing a lot of testing to make sure I knew how it worked.