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  1. Hey, here is the crash report for this issue. I hope this helps. Affinity Designer_2016-12-07-101538_CLIENT3100.crash
  2. Does nobody else experience this issue? It happens to me between 3 and 8 times a day :(
  3. Hello Affinity Team, As this is my first post in the forum I want to say "Hi" to all of you. I have a reproducible crash I want to report. Whenever I drag the Affinity Designer application window from my external screen (not retina) to my laptop screen (retina) the application crashes. Here are the steps to reproduce: 1. put the application window to an external screen 2. maximise the window (not full screen) with the green marble (clicking the full screen button while holding alt on the keyboard). 3. drag the application window with the mouse from the external screen to the laptop screen Behaviour: Shortly after I enter thy laptop screen with my mouse (mouse is still down) and the application window Affinity Designer crashes. Expected behaviour: the application window shows up on the laptop screen and is bigger then the laptops screen resolution. Hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions.
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