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  1. First, I'm very frustrated with trying to input a question into the forum. Not clear at all so I'll see if I can get a response to this. I really think I will like Affinity Photo but very hard to get answers . So if anyone would like to respond to my email, garyhuntus@yahoo. com please feel free. Trying the 1.6 Macros withouth any luck. Have photo trying to change sky (2 of them) one with mast from sailboats and the other from a sky that has trees with leaves (and sky showing through the leaves) I am having no luck attempting to change. Have watched Carl Surrys videos, have watch Ezra
  2. Have been unable to load the macros and skies into the library. I have even received a message saying that You Tube isn't allowing since I'm not the administrator. Don't have a clue why You Tube message would come up. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Looked at both ways on the tutorial but keep getting message that it won't allow. Even tried to drag and drop as the tutorial stated with no luck.
  3. Having a difficult time learning AP. Have an AP training class from Udemy which I must say not overly impressed with. Can anyone make recommendation as to any web classes they have take on AP that they feel was very good. Looking forward to replies. Thank You
  4. Been trying to following Affinities Layer Mask video on Vimeo. You show a background layer of a sky as well as a building. On the Layers panel I see both of these photos along with child layers so they are showing there. When I open two photos to attempt to following the tutorial only ONE of the photos will show at a time in the Layers panel. I can open both of my photos but I cannot get them both to ?appear at the same time. Is there a setting I need to set or could something have been changed inadvertently
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen - can anyone lead me to a source that will explain ALL the features of Affinity Photo. I'm having absolutely no luck picking this software up and I have had for about 2 months. I know Affinity is supposed to be coming out with a training manual of some sort (don't know when) but it's like anything else, will it be worth the money. I work in Lightroom mostly but lately have been using On1 Photo RAW for additional editing. On1 has been pretty easy to learn. My preference would be to learn Affinity as I believe it will be closer to Photoshop that On1. Can anyone g
  6. Hey, help. I have been trying to download the new update and not having any luck. What the heck am I missing. Doesn't show anything being download and the download folders shows nothing.
  7. First, thanks to all of you that have responded thus far. I looked in the upper right corner (I do use Windows) and the options are there. What I'm trying to do is hide the File, Edit, etc menu bar at the very top. Maybe that can't be done in Windows. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. You would think if it can be done on a Mac it should be available for Windows as well.
  8. I'm embarrassed to ask but I have been attempting to increase my workspace by removing (or minimizining_ the menu bar at the very top. I don't see the 3 dots on the left (Red , yellow, or Green). can someone tell this old guy how to minimize this so I can increase my workspace. Thank You
  9. So far, I like what I see in Photo. Here are two questions. When selecting the sky to change it what is the best way to select when the photo has a large number of trees with limbs and leaves in the sky and the second question is how can I resize a sky photo I am inserting to change the sky if it is too small. In Photoshop Elements I use to use Free Transform where I could click on a handle and change the size of the sky without losing any of the quality of that photo. Thanks
  10. Hi, my name is Gary Hunt and I just purchased Affinity Photo this morning. Everything looked really good as far as reviews etc so I went ahead and purchased. Have been using Photoshop Elements 15 and Lightroom 5. Pretty proficient in lightroom but my God is it slow. So, have a question right away. I have been playing with this and I can't seem to get the Blemish Removal Tool to work. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Have tried the tutorials without finding one with the answer.
  11. Have been using LR5 for sometime now and pretty proficient with it. In the Develop section of Lightroom the sliders allow you to increase or decrease by 100. Affinity only allows you to increase a certain percentage. Am I missing something here. I have tried on many photos to match the variations I can come up with in Lightroom with Affinity. Am I missing something in your software. (I probably am)
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