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  1. Just wondering if there are any updates on this feature; or is it still not possible in AD?
  2. Hi guys, Having a play around with the JPEG compression/DPI/downsampling seems to be working for me. I think setting the dpi around 144 seems to be doing the trick of blurring out any blockiness affected by the image compression. Can be a bit hit and miss as each file contains a different amount of images that require compression, but that's to be expected. Thanks for the ZIP compression suggestion also, I've always used JPEG compression (for some reason) when exporting files in Photoshop; so that's been helpful. Thanks for all of the support! Appreciate it.
  3. I'm currently working on my design portfolio and need to compress the files so that I can send digital copies to hiring companies. A lot of which only accept files that are 5-10mb, so it can be a bit difficult getting files looking presentable, whilst remaining low in size. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated!
  4. Hi, I'm fairly new to using Affinity Designer after switching over from Adobe Illustrator. I am basically working on a document which has vector/JPEG objects inserted. It is intended for print, but I would also require a digital version for web purposes. When I export the document as a PDF for print at 300dpi, it seems fine; the JPEG images look sharp as well as the vectors (just as everything looks when working on the document at 100% scale). But when I export the same document as a PDF for web at 72dpi, all of my vectors are nice and sharp, the document is the right size, but my JPE
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