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  1. I probably missed some basic information but in previous versions there was a choice Develop or Cancel. If I load a raw file and find I don't want to develop it, where in ver 1.7 do I find the Cancel option? If I try to close the image AP tells me it is developing and I have to chose Cancel, but where??? All the best, and keep editing with this very good software Sören
  2. Thanks for a good job! Raw files from my Nikon B700 and from DJI Mavic Air loads and develops without problems, editing with Huion H950P works as expected. (as far as I have tested) This is my first test of the beta versions and I don't know how earlier beta versions have worked. I still have to test the printing with my Epson P600. So far everything I tested seams to be very good. /Sören
  3. I found similar problems mentioned for other applications that could be addressed by disabling the ruler. Looks like that works in Affinity for windows too. I hope that connection tablet-ruler can be fixed in next release.
  4. Using Huion 950P with latest driver, installed and reinstalled, I can only reach the right 1/3 of my screen. All settings aviable for the tablet tested. Tablet works perfect with Xara designer pro and Corel PSP. My problem is with Photo for windows.
  5. I have uploaded 3 pairs raw+ooc jpg from Nikon Coolpix B700 (still not supported) . If You need more from this camera I can take some indoor with flash, outdoor it's very gray and low contrast this time of the year, mostly snow and not too much light.
  6. The free application DarkTable now in beta for windows, supports NRW but Affinity can not?
  7. I have the same problem, a new B700 and I chosed that one over P900 to have raw. You can convert to DNG with the ADOB converter and that works, but that means an other step of processing. I really hope we can have support for the nrw raw-format in Affinity Photo as soon as possible. Regards Sören
  8. Solved the same problem in Win10 Pro. My User name is Sören and there was no EXIF data. I changed the location of the TEMP system variable to C:\TEMP and the same for the TMP. Now Exif displays correctly.
  9. Yes, but the raw files is rather big. I saw a comment that user name in windows with non English characters could be a problem. My user in Windows is Sören and the second letter is not in the English alphabet. The screen dump is for the same file.
  10. Using ver 1.6 for windows and starting to really like the program BUT no exif data is shown and I know it is there! This makes the program much less useful for me. Even free editors read the exif info correct, why not Affinity Photo??? .PEF is Pentax RAW-format. ( no support for Nikon NRW :-( ) /Soren
  11. bought it and showed it to the members of the local photo club
  12. Hi, and thanks for answer. Yes I have the folder on C: with those dll-files and one named Tumbnails, but no preview of afphoto files, or any other file type. Showing standard file types is, if I remember it correctly, handled by Windows API and should be rather simple to implement. At least did my students in C++ programming succeed. I really hoop that there is no hard coded path to C:\program files in the application, I do not allow any application to install on C:, I keep that partition windows only. When I look at the Beginners Video - Opening, there are thumbnails for jpg! The video shows the MAC version and I assume the windows variant should have the same functions or??? The tutorial does not state that this is a MAC-only function. Cheers
  13. As I stated before, there is no preview for afphoto files either
  14. Photos are normally delivered from the camera as jpg or raw, if you can not see which file to open in a folder with many photos, then Affinity Photo is very hard to use, If you need an other program to chose the file, then you probably use that program for the editing also. I like the mix of features in Affinity Photo but without a file handling where you can see which file to choose the program is more or less useless.
  15. I see no preview for jpg, gif, png, tif , dng or pef. I had the same problem with the betas but assumed it was solved in the rc. I use several other programs for image handeling like Gimp, Corel PSP, Adobe, Xara and no such problems anywhere. My graphics card is Radeon R9 if that can be part of the problem. If I open a JPG - file and save it as afphoto I have no preview when I try to open it agan.
  16. Hi, just installed my copy of Affinity Photo for Windows (1.5.0 ) and the problem from the beta-versions with no preview of any file type. I hope this issue can be solved very soon. That makes the program very hard to use. RAW-files of DNG - type still takes very long time to load. 10 - 15 sek. /Sören (Win 10 pro, 12GB RAM, 4 core CPU)
  17. Hello, my first entry in this forum. I have tested the latest Betas for Affinity Photo for Windows and this looks very promising but loading of DNG raw-files is extremely slow, abt 10 - 15 sek , compared to Corel AfterShotPro less then 2sek for the same file. Preview and thumbnails is still missing for both raw and jpg but I think that's not a new info for you. Looks like there is some more job to do but I really likes what I've seen so far. /Sören (Windows 10 pro)
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