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  1. rumlab

    DWG / DXF support

    Yep - solved it by going through Moi3d - better pdf export :) Problem is, few CAD programs handles pdf, svg or eps very well, if at all...
  2. rumlab

    DWG / DXF support

    Ok, thank you for the answer. Making illustrations based on CAD drawings from a client, is something we do quite often too. Just had an issue now, where I want to make an illustration from a plan drawing in Rhinoceros. Exporting to AI format from Rhino, I am not able to import anything in AD - just an empty canvas.
  3. Just bought my copy, and even though I haven't delved much into the soft yet, the first little thing that comes across, is the lack of DWG/DXF support. Those file formats are still industry standard within CNC manufacturing, and also for architecture it could come in handy. Bests, Morten