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  1. Hi, This applies to Affinity Designer. To reproduce this bug: Draw on canvas (with Shape, Pen, or Pencil Tool) Choose Solid Line Style with any Width Modify Pressure graph Choose a brush from Brushes Panel (thus changing to Texture Line Style) Choose again Solid Line Style After these steps, Pressure Graph isn't applied to Solid Line and if you try to modify the graph nothing happens. You need to Reset Pressure, choose again any brush, and than choose Solid Line Style again. Now everything works. I can reproduce this bug ALMOST always, but sometimes (rarely) everything works fine, I couldn't figure it out why. Thanks! Petar
  2. arelenas

    Huge Performance Issues

    Hi, I am experiencing exactly the same symptoms as OP described. What is interesting is that this happens only when the rulers are turned on. If I turned them off everything works fine. I am using MacBook Air 13 2015 with 4 GB RAM. Thanks!