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  1. That's fine Patrick as far as it goes. But what about my situation? It's been an issue with PhotoPlus certainly going back some versions (I think I've had them all) - and your tech support confirmed this today too - that the PSD export routine from PhotoPlus has been a source of trouble for a long time. So today, classic example. Opened a job that was authored in original PS, add two layers in X8, attempt to export and it immediately crashes with the 'report fault to Serif' paste box. Unless you have another export file format with layers, I'm stuffed. If you can interpret origin
  2. I made exactly the same mistake. I bought Designer thinking that it was a photo editor under a different name.
  3. I have had a long standing problem with PhotoPlus x8 (or indeed, previous versions) crashing when attempting to export as a PSD file, with layers. Today, I spent some time adding layers to a photographer's job which arrived as an Adobe original PSD which x8 quite happily opened. I forgot until far too late that most likely (true) that I would not be able to export it as PSD, and after examining the other export file formats drew the conclusion I'd wasted a morning, would have buy PS, which I did not want to do. I saved the job in PhotoPlus in the native Serif .spp format just in case I cou
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