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  1. You were right! Selected to show file extentions then went through the import brushes again could now see the files with .afbrushes. extentions. All files successfully installed and show in right side window even tried a few brushes. Also had time to play with "affinity-photo-public-beta" and already can suggest some additional features and tweeks to some of your tools. Will post my suggestions, when i have time, in the feature request section which im shore i noticed earlier. Bye for now. Edit. Thanks for extra info. I remember a while back coming across a reference that the "unhide aspect is best left ticked/on" so you can more easily recodenise virus extentions and be able to deal with them. So i will leave "unhide" on.
  2. Hi MEB. Just bought latest release of affinity and signed into this forum. But i have an issue. First i tried the "affinity-photo-public-beta" and decided to buy the full update "affinity-designer-" on special offer which i thought was an update to "affinity-photo" just with a different title. Turns out that there is a completly seperate version "affinity-photo" also at present only in a beta form. If i understand things correctly. I would much prefer to of bought the affinity-photo version as i do a lot of image editing and use a wide veriety of editing tools. I was only alerted to my mistake when i saw your answer to member "iriskin" who wanted to know were the "Clone Stamp Tool " was in Affinity. [the Clone Stamp Tool is an important tool to me as i use it a lot with my present software]. Your reply to "iriskin" "The Clone Brush Tool is only available in Affinity Photo which is our photo editing software". I doubled checked your site for more info and realised had i scrolled down the page some more i would have seen the reference to "affinity-photo" still in beta. But then again i had already downloaded the affinity-photo-public-beta apparently and recieved email notification that full version was now available to buy. All for me a bit confusing. Is there any way we can resolve this. Do not mind uninstalling version i have at present till, hopfully, you reply with a mutually aggreable salution. Thanks for any trouble taken in response.
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