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  1. Hi! I can't find a clear answer anywhere to solve this problem, so I'm starting a new topic. I have a serious problem at Affinity Designer since June. The background is white, but when I put a square, for example, it is yellow-cream. After saving the file, the color is white. I am not sure if the problem appeared after the Affinity Designer update. edti: ok, finally after a few hours i was able to find a solution -
  2. Hi, I'm preparing a document for printing in A5 format. Let's say it looks like that: When I save it to a PDF, I get it: But for print I need automatically split A4 sheets that look like this: How to prepare in AP a file for printing so that it looks like the last picture?
  3. Hello, I bought one license of Affinity Designers for Windows. Can i install it on two computers? I have a desktop computer and a laptop and sometimes I work outside of home. In such case, Can I have one license, or do I need two, (one per each computer)?

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