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  1. jim@ping23.com

    [Multi] Save as vs. Export

    Hi All, I've seen this asked a number of times and I want to weigh in (again...) Affinity is TERRIFIC - GREAT JOB!!! I so very much want to adopt this as my primary image-editing tool. I've figured out how to do almost everything I need in terms of image editing. For me, however, this is a serious flaw in an otherwise FANTASTIC piece of software. The clumsy "export" procedure is pretty much a deal-breaker for me. I work with lots of files & create a lot of derived files using "save as" in the *other* tool. I've been trying to make the switch, but when I need to crank out some work I can't bring myself to open Affinity for this very reason. I do understand that the intended workflow is to stay in Affinity format until the end, then export. Unfortunately that simply does not fit the way I work. Although this seems tangential to the *important* functionality of the tool, for me it's a big road-block. Just to be clear, the behavior I'm hoping for (like many other applications) is this: Open a file in any supported format - "Save" does just that, saves the file in the original format, in the original folder; "Save As" saves the file in the original folder, with a choice of format. A warning that the desired format does not support all the features of the working copy is fine, with a single-click "OK" to proceed. I'm not sure from your response if there is an intent to change this - I do hope so. Cheers, -Jim
  2. jim@ping23.com

    save as ... different file formats

    This is my question also. I am rapidly falling in LOVE with Affinity - GREAT WORK! ...However, the dysfunctional "Save As" dialog severely hampers my workflow. Part of my process is to create and save variations on images. Being able to "Save As" in the SAME file format as the original, back in the SAME folder as the original, with a minimum of clicks is a very basic kind of operation. The "Export" dialog does allow you to accomplish this, but it requires more work, especially as it does not default back to the same folder the original file came from. I would so love to move away from Photoshop. I do hope you'll consider changing this to the (very functional) way that most applications (yes, Photoshop) behave. Thanks! -Jim

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